Execution of Six Death Row Inmates of Drugs, Attorney General: This Cause for Concern, But the Law Must Be Enforce

By Humas     Date 19 Januari 2015
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Attorney General HM. Prasetyo

A few hours after the execution of the 6 (six) inmates narcotics and drugs (narkoba) executed in Nusakambangan, Cilacap, Central Java, and in the District of Boyolali, Attorney General HM. Prasetyo submits a press release related to execution, that he said has been running smoothly.

The Attorney General said that the execution is not a pleasant thing. However, this is something that is cause for concern, but it should be implemented.

“The law must be enforced, and the task of the prosecutor is to carry out the execution, executing the court decisions that have permanent legal force,” Prasetyo said to reporters at Gedung Bundar, Attorney General, Jakarta, Sunday (18/1) morning.

As reported earlier, on Sunday (18/1) morning, 6 (six) convicted of narcotics and drugs (narkoba), namely: Ang Kim Soei (Dutch), Marco Archer Cardoso Mareira (Brazil), Namaona Denis (Malawi), Daniel Enemua (Malawi), Rani Andriani or Melisa Aprilia (Indonesia), and Tran Thi Bich (Vietnam), has been executed in Nusakambangan, Cilacap, and in Mako Brimob sub-detachment 3 Detachment C in Gunung Gendil, Kragilan Village Mojosongo Boyolali, Central Java.

Related to executions, the Attorney General HM Prasetyo said, when the court decision has been a permanent legal force, all-legal aspects have been met, and the decision would have to implement in order to achieve legal certainty upon the completion of the case.

“All the legal rights have been given to each convict concerned, none of the legal rights passed,” Attorney General said.

According to Prasetyo, execution is the end of the case handling process. It has been done so far, and all beings treatment of humanity has been given by the government to the death-row-inmates were implemented.

“We notice and we uphold the human side of each row inmates, including all the last request of the person sentenced to death has been we fulfilled entirely,” Attorney General HM. Prasetyo said.

Already Explained

Related to the objection from two countries whose citizens were executed, i.e. Brazil and Australia, the Attorney General, HM. Prastyo argued, that his side had explained to those countries who lobbied for their citizens are not executed. So far they understand what was to become concern of Indonesia to the narcotics problem.

“The verdict has fallen and is legally binding, all legal rights already granted, so that the obligation of the execution must be carried out,” Attorney General Prasetyo said.? (*/ES)

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