Expert Staff Encouraged to Contribute to Help Fulfilling President’s Target

By Humas     Date 10 September 2015
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Expert Staff Encouraged to Contribute to Help Fulfilling President’s Target

Vice Cabinet Secretary Bistok Simbolon said that expert staff in ministries and institutions, which number around 170-200 persons or almost 30 percent of the number of all echelon 1 officials, have not been functioned maximally.

In fact, he said, in terms of experience and agility, he ensured that those expert staff is great asset.

 “There must be something wrong if their expertise is not used maximally. This is the reason why we conduct this coordination meeting so that later you will formulate ways to make them work effectively,” Bistok said at the opening the Coordination Meeting of Ministries and Institutions Expert Staff of Human Development and Culture at the office of the Ministry of State Secretariat, Jakarta, on Tuesday (8/9).

According to Bistok, Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung also called onexpert staff to change the mindset of each institution in order to follow the President’s aims.

Bistok also said that in accordance with the Presidential Regulation, expert staff at ministries and institutions are mandated to give recommendation on strategic issues related to the implementation of policies and development programs in accordance withtheir expertise, either individually or through a synergyamong ministries and institutions.

Therefore, he encouragedexpert staff to actively give positive contributions to fulfill the target of the promises, vision, and mission of the President and Vice President, particularly in Human Development and Culture.

In the meantime, Expert Staff of the Economic and People’s Welfare Affairs of Cabinet Secretariat M. Amperawan in his report said that the coordination meeting was aimed at encouragingexpert staff to always make synergy, to work together, to join ranks and help each other in the process of bureaucracy management.

“Through a synergy of data and information among ministries and institutions, analysis towards the complex and strategic issues which becomes the duties of expert staff administries and institutions are expected to be formulated well and accurately,” Amperawan said.

In the future, he added, this coordination meeting should be followed up through communication and discussion so that this will give an ease to expert staff to perform their duties well. (ES/Humas) (JS/EP/YM-Naster/Sy)


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