Facing MEA, Ministry of Industry Prepares 21,800 Skilled Workers in Industrial Sector

By Humas     Date 25 Februari 2015
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Facing MEA, Ministry of Industry Prepares 21,800 Skilled Workers in Industrial Sector

The Ministry of Industry is targeting 21 880 skilled workers and competent on industry in 2015 for the industrial development program.

Minister of Industry said, some policy measures to achieve this goal is to develop vocational education on industry with competency-based, and to develop education and training on industry based on competence. In addition, the Ministry of Industry also facilitate industrial apprenticeship and prepare the compulsory competency certification.

These steps are expected to realize the availability of Indonesia National Work Competence Standards (SKKNI) of industry as much as 30, and the availability of the Professional Certification Agency (LSP) and Competency Test (TUK) of industry as much as 20, Minister of Industry said.

In addition, Industry Minister added, the step is expected to improve the education and skills of assessors and the competence of assessors and licenses of 400 people, as well as the establishment of a community academy in the industrial area as much as three units.

ASEAN Economic Community

Minister of Industry said, the challenge faced by Indonesia, especially the industrial sector is certainly greater in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015.

For this purpose, said Minister of Industry, the Ministry of Industry has prepared measures in the face of AEC 2015, which in generally divided into two areas, ie trade in goods and services.

According to him, the readiness of Indonesia’s human resources need to be encouraged in order to improve the quality and competence in the face of the MEA through existing training centers.

Minister of Industry said, improving the competitiveness of the industry is done through strengthening the industrial structure to complement the industry structure that still empty and prepare the offensive and defensive strategies.  (Humas Kemenperin/ES)

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