Finance Minister Appears as Guest on Cabinet Secretariat Podkabs

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 9 Agustus 2022
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Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati appeared for the first time as a guest on the sixth episode of Podkabs, Cabinet and Cabinet Secretariat’s podcast, aired on Monday (08/08).

Asked about her opinion regarding Podkabs, the Minister said that Podkabs is a great innovation to communicate government issues in a casual language, especially to the younger generation, which allows the public to better understand the Government and get to know the people behind it.

“The President, ministers, they have official duties, represent the country because they are state officials. Nevertheless, they are only human. And being only human means they too have a humanist side,” she said.

In the episode, the Minister showed her humanist side, talking about her background, life lessons, and passion.

Born in Lampung provincial capital Bandar Lampung, Sri Mulyani grew up in a family of twelve with parents who taught her about the importance of nationalism as well as devotion to parents, the country, and the nation.

“My parents emphasized to their children to always live in harmony, which is nice because in life, having many relatives and friends is pleasant, especially those we get along with,” she said, adding that her parents’ parenting style highly shaped the way she educates her children.

According to Sri Mulyani, children are not their parents’ project and it is parents’ duty to love, raise, and educate them.

“Educating children in their early childhood is the most important thing. We cannot ruin children’s confidence. The most important thing is to create a safe environment, so they can be themselves,” she said while stressing the need to cultivate empathy, honesty, and respect to other people’s feelings in children.

Showing that she highly values her family, Sri Mulyani still finds time for her family in her busy life.

“Playing with grandchildren is always rewarding. Sometimes I ask them to sleep over, so it is like having pajama parties with them,” she said, adding that she also loves to read books, listen to music, and watch movies in her spare time.

For the record, Podkabs features talks and discussions about various topics, including government policies as well as hot issues that are packaged in a light and casual tone.

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