First Lady and OASE KIM Pay a Working Visit to North Sumatra Province

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 16 Mei 2023
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First Lady Iriana and OASE KIM members arrive at Soewondo Airbase, Medan city, North Sumatra province, on Tuesday (05/16). (Photo by: Bureau of Press, Media, and Information of Presidential Secretariat / Muchlis Jr)

First Lady Ibu Iriana Joko Widodo, Ibu Wury Ma’ruf Amin, and members of Solidarity Act Organization of the Onward Indonesia Cabinet Era (OASE KIM) ─ an organization of Onward Indonesia Cabinet ministers’ spouses ─ headed to North Sumatra province on Tuesday (05/16). On board Air Force’s Boeing 737-400, Ibu Iriana and the entourage landed at Soewondo Airbase, Medan city, at about 09.10 Western Indonesia Time.

Upon the arrival, Ibu Iriana and Ibu Wury were welcomed by North Sumatra Vice Governor’s spouse Sri Ayu Mihari, Military Regional Command I/Bukit Barisan Commander’s spouse Intan Daniel Chardin, North Sumatra Regional Police Chief’s spouse Rita Panca Putra, and National Air Defense Command III Chief’s spouse Linda Reka.

From the Soewondo Airbase, Medan city, Ibu Iriana, Ibu Wury, and OASE KIM members proceeded to Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel to attend the 43rd anniversary of National Craft Board (Dekranas) and the inauguration of the training for new entrepreneurs 2023.

Ibu Iriana, Ibu Wury, and OASE KIM members also attended the 43rd Anniversary of Dekranas Expo, and scheduled to visit Maimoon Palace, Medan city, to view a Malay festival Gelar Melayu Serumpun. Afterwards, they went to the hotel to take a rest before paying a working visit on the next day. (Bureau of Press, Media, and Information of Presidential Secretariat/AIT) (AW/HD)

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