Fisheries Ministry Merges Four Regulations into One Ministerial Regulation

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 20 Maret 2020
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Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Edhy Prabowo answers reporters’ questions during an online press conference on Thursday (19/3). (Photo by: Ibrahim/PR).

In a bid to accelerate licensing and to simplify fishing management in Indonesia, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries has announced it will merge four existing ministerial regulations into one single regulation.

The four existing ministerial regulations are Ministerial Regulation Number 30 of 2012 on Capture Fishery Business in Capture Area of the Republic of Indonesia, Ministerial Regulation Number 12 of 2012 on Capture Fishery Business in High Seas, Ministerial Regulation Number 23 of 2013 on Registration and Marking of Fishery Vessels, and Ministerial Regulation Number 54 of 2014 on Second Amendment to Regulation of Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Number 46 of 2011 on Organization and Procedures for Medium Fisheries School.

“This measure aims at cutting red tape in fishery management in the country though we have already been able to issue permits within one hour,” Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Edhy Prabowo told reporters via online press statement, Thursday (19/3).

Regarding utilization of fisheries resources in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ), according to the Minister, no Indonesian vessels operate in the EEZ to date; so it is expected that there will be Indonesian vessels operate in the EEZ.

Meanwhile, in the high seas, Indonesia still has the rights to capture fish but not utilized it yet, he said.

“Given that the number is large enough, we need to constantly negotiate with foreign countries to determine which Indonesian ships that will be allowed later under the Regional Fisheries Management Organization (RFMO),” the Minister said.

Edhy added that as for the arrangement of lane and the placement of fishing gear, the contentious issue to date has to do with controversial cantrang (seine nets) practice.

“We will manage it by revising Ministerial Regulation Number 71 of 2014 Fishing Lanes and Placement of Fishing Gear in the Fisheries Capture Area of the Republic of Indonesia,” Edhy said, while expressing hope that there will be no dualism between modern fishermen, traditional fishermen who are destructive or not.

The Minister also explained that in principle, the sea will be regulated and can be utilized without having to harm marine resources.

Regarding arrangement of live fish transport vessels, according to the Minister, there is one Ministerial Regulation Number 15 of 2016, which was later revised as Ministerial Regulation Number 32 of 2016 on Live Fish Transport Vessels.

This issue, Edhy said, has sparked debate because in the past there were many kerapu (grouper) cultivators on the coast of Indonesia who are now unable to sell their groupers as a result of the imposition of this regulation.

“Restrictions on this ship have caused the cultivators unable to sell their catch easily. Now, it is our hope that grouper growers will rise again,” the Minister said.

The Minister further said that cultivation industry is expected to boost their production in accordance with directions of the President and the revised State Budget with a budget shift of Rp300 billion from a number of directorate generals allocated for cultivation sector, which is expected to boost growth in the country’s cultivation sector.

Most importantly, according to the Minister, the affirmation of the President’s direction is to take careful measures to resolve the issue.

“The solutions can bring benefits for fishing communities, cultivators, salt farmers, and other related cultivators,” Edhy said. (TGH/EN)



Translator: Muhardi
Reviewed by: M. Ersan Pamungkas

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