Foreign Ministry Urges That WNI Not Traveling to Libya

By Humas     Date 16 Maret 2015
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Foreign Ministry Urges That WNI Not Traveling to Libya

In connection with the Libyan security conditions at this time that still volatile and ongoing civil war, then to avoid the things that not desirable for the safety of Indonesian citizen (WNI), Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a travel warning to all Indonesian citizens (WNI) not to travel to countries in the northern region of Africa that is Libya.

Quoting the press release Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in Tripoli, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a press release on Sunday (15/3) urged WNI in order:

1. Do not take a trip or postpone the trip to Libya;

2. For those citizens (WNI) who are already in Libya should continue to raise awareness, and take steps to get out of Libya to be evacuated; and

3. In addition, the WNI was in Libya to immediately report to the Embassy (KBRI) in Tripoli through:

Hotline Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in Tripoli (+216 25 596 366)

Mr. Bambang Priya Hutama (+216 28 504 750) – Function Coordinator of Pensosbud/ Protkons

Mr. Untung Istiawan (+216 21 683 669)

Mr. Haris Agung (+216 28 674 946)

Mr. Zakaria El Barouni (+218 91 931 6294)

email KBRI Tripoli:

Please keep this information to be disseminated to the other WNI.

(Kemlu RI/ES)

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