Gov’t Reverses BPJS Kesehatan Premium Hike

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 22 April 2020
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Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture

Starting 1 April, 2020, the Government implemented the Supreme Court Decision Number 7/P/HUM/2020 that revokes the increase in health insurance premium of the Social Security Agency for Health (BPJS Kesehatan) for non-salaried employee (PBPU) and nonemployee (BP).

The BPJS Kesehatan premiums, as of April 2020, is Rp25,500 for third-class service, Rp51,000 for second-class service, and Rp80,000 for first-class service. The premium is in accordance with Presidential Regulation Number 82 of 2018 on Health Insurance. The excess premium has been paid in April 2020 will be calculated in premium payment for the following month.

“The Government obeys the Supreme Court’s decision. In principle, the Government is committed to maintaining sustainability of the National Health Insurance and maintaining health care services to the people,” Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy said in Jakarta.

The Government on 31 March 2020 received the copy of the Supreme Court Decision Number 7/P/HUM/2020 with a letter of Clerk of the Supreme Court Number 24/P.PTS/III/2020/7P/HUM/2020 dated 31 March 2020 on the Dispatch of Decision on Judicial Review Number 7P/HUM/2020.

In accordance with Article 8 paragraph (2) of the Supreme Court Regulation Number 01/2011 on Judicial Review, the Government is granted a maximum period of 90 (ninety) days to implement the Supreme Court  Decision.

The Government is currently considering the strategic measures to maintain the service for BPJS participants and maintain the continuity of the National Health Insurance Program.

The strategic measure is implemented in drafting a Presidential Regulation whose substance regulates the balance and fairness of the premiums among participant segments, the impact on the sustainability of the program and the National Health Insurance funding patterns as well as good ecosystem for health insurance, including the role of the Central and Regional governments.

The draft of the Presidential Regulation has been synchronized and will be subsequently proceeding to get the approval of Cabinet Ministers before being submitted to the President. (PR of Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture/EN).



Translated by: Ridwan Ibadurrohman
Reviewed by: Lulu Wuliarti

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