Government Arrests 8 Illegal Foreign Vessels in North Sulawesi

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 28 September 2016
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Kapal-Bitung-300x225--Ersan--28 SeptFishing patrol vessels under the control of the Maritime and Fisheries Monitoring Task Force (PSDKP) of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries arrested eight foreign fishing vessels that were allegedly involved in illegal fishing activities in waters in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

“Patrol vessels Hiu Macan Tutul 306 and Hiu Macan 401 have arrested those foreign vessels,” confirmed Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti in a press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday (28/9).

According to the Minister, Patrol vessel Hiu Macan Tutul 306 on 26 September 2016 arrested four foreign vessels, namely KM. Triple D vessel (with 10 foreign national crews and one Indonesian national crew), KM. M/Bca Sherlyn vessel (2 gross tons, 6 foreign crews), KM M/Bca Fisher vessel (2 gross tons, 3 foreign crews); and KM. M/Bca J-boy vessel (2 gross tons, 7 foreign crews).

In the meantime, Susi added, on 22 September Patrol vessel Hiu Macan Tutul arrested KM. D’von vessel (3 gross tons, 11 Indonesian crews and 1 foreign crew),  KM. M/Bca. Johazen vessel 9 (3 gross tons, 7 foreign crews); KM. Parekoy vessel (3 gross tons, 12 foreign crews), and FB/CA. Renz vessel  (3 gross tons, 6 foreign crews).

“Those foreign vessels were allegedly involved in illegal fishing in Indonesian waters without necessary documents, transported/carried fish abroad (the Philippines), and employed Filipino crews,” Susi said, adding that seven of those vessels have been escorted to PSDKP base in Bitung for further legal process by the civil servant investigators (PPNS) that oversee fisheries affairs.

Susi also suspected that there are many Filipino fishermen in Bitung, North Sulawesi who have forged Indonesian residential identity card (KTP).

“I have already met with President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo and we are planning to hold a negotiation with the Philippine authority to address this issue and to prevent it from happening again in the future,” Susi said, adding now that it’s fishing season in Bitung, there are thousands Filipinos there.

Meanwhile, one of those vessels could not be escortedto Bitung because it sank in the storm and suffered from severe damage (broken bow). However, the crews of the vessel have been rescued and taken PSDKP base in Bitung.

Susi further said that for the time being, those crews of the vessels are charged with committingfisheries crime as regulated by Law Number 31 of 2004 onfisheries affairs as mandated by Law Number 45 of 2009 that carries a maximum sentence of 6 years in prison and a maximum fine of Rp. 20 billion. (BIRO KERJA SAMA DAN HUMAS KKP/ES)(EP/YM/Naster) 

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