Government Designing a Creative City Such as Paris

By Humas     Date 4 Maret 2015
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Government Designing a Creative City Such as Paris

The government together with the Agency Creative Economy designing a creative city development to encourage the creative economy and the development of creative work that currently exists.

“The creative city, but it’s the long-term. The creative city, the President had a vision that later we had a creative city, where all the creative economy in that city and branches can be in another city,” Head of the Creative Economy Triawan Munaf told to reporters after meeting with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), at the Presidential Palace complex in Jakarta, Tuesday (3/3).

Triawan said, currently, the location of creative city development is still being explored, however, is expected not far from the port and other supporting facilities.

According to Triawan, realizing the creative city cannot be in a short time because it requires thorough preparation.

“So we cannot hurry to build the city and build part from the city, it will take time. Then we are also not in a hurry, and President Jokowi also realized it could not be done in a hurry, it takes preparation, starting from preparation of the Act, then the Ministry of Public Works, from the cross-sectoral and the cross-ministry, “he said.

Modeled on Paris

Triawan says, Paris is one example of a creative city, however, requires a thorough preparation and adequate infrastructure to achieve this goal.

Agency Creative Economy is a new body set up by President Jokowi. At first creative economic affairs to be part from the Ministry of Tourism, formerly known as the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

This body has the task to assist the President in formulating, establish, coordinate, and synchronization policies in the field of creative economy.

Triawan who is the father from singer Sherina Munaf was appointed as head of the Creative Economy is based on Presidential Decree No. 9 P 2015. In the decree mentioned, Head of Creative Economy obtain financial and other facilities equivalent to minister (*/WID/ES)

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