Gov’t Allocates Non-Physical DAK for Women, Child Protection

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 23 Desember 2021
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Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani (Photo by: PR of Cabinet Secretariat/Agung)

The Government has renewed its commitment to supporting women’s empowerment and child protection through the State Budget (APBN) as an instrument, Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani has said.

According to the Minister, the commitment is implemented through a new innovation, namely the Non-Physical Special Allocation Fund (DAK NF) to provide services and protect women and children.

“As you may be aware, girls have fallen victim to violence recently. It is a heartbreaking news for all of us. Since 2021, we have added a new instrument, namely the DAK NF to fund services for the women and child protection,” the Minister said as quoted from the official website of Ministry of Finance, Thursday (12/23).

The instrument was formed at the initiative of Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA), considering that many women and children have fallen victim to violence in the regions.

“I hope this will certainly provide internal reinforcement for regional governments, including to regencies/cities and districts/sub-districts to prevent the violence from the start. And if it later happens, we can also fully assist the victims,” ​​Sri said.

Through the funds allocated directly to the regions, the Minister urged regional governments to ensure that women and girls can focus on their education without worrying about falling victim to violence.

“This is something that we must continue to fight for. We must constantly safeguard women and girls against these very bad practices. Do not let those girls that we expect to become a better person, those who want to go to school, then face the risk of falling victim to crime,” she said.

On that occasion, the Minister also underscored that the Ministry would continue its commitment to supporting women’s empowerment and child protection through various instruments from the State Budget, be it through gender mainstreaming, gender responsive budgets, or the DAK NF.

“Hopefully, women and girls will not only get protection, but also get the same opportunities in terms of health, such as immunization, good nutrition, up until their education so that they can become productive and healthy women who can do good deeds for themselves, their family, and for the nation,” she remarked. (PR of Ministry of Finance/UN) (RIF/MUR)

Visit the official website of Ministry of Finance through this link.

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