Gov’t Announces Level 4, 3, 2 PPKM Regions in Java-Bali for 14-20 September 2021

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 14 September 2021
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Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian issued Ministerial Instruction Number 42 of 2021 on the Enforcement of Level 4, Level 3, and Level 2 Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in Java and Bali Regions.

Based on the Instruction signed by the Minister on 13 September 2021, the Instruction takes effect from 14-20 September. Level 4 PPKM is implemented in 3 regencies/cities, Level 3 in 82 regencies/cities, and Level 2 in 43 regencies/cities.

The regions where the assessment level has improved from Level 4 to Level 3 are Jembrana regency, Bangli regency, Karangasem regency, Badung regency, Gianyar regency, Klungkung regency, Tabanan regency, Buleleng regency, Denpasar city, Magetan regency, and Ponorogo regency. Meanwhile, the regions where the assessment level has improved from Level 3 to Level 2 are Banjar city, Tegal city, Kediri city, and Jombang regency.

In the meantime, six regencies/cities experience setbacks. Purwakarta regency has to enforce Level 4 PPKM after enforcing Level 2 PPKM. Cirebon regency and Brebes regency have to go from Level 3 to Level 4, while Wonosobo regency, Tegal regency, and Bondowoso regency from Level 2 to Level 3

The following is the list of regencies/cities enforcing Level 4, 3, and 2 PPKM in Java and Bali:

Level 4 PPKM

A total of three regencies/cities in two provinces implemented Level 4 PPKM, namely Purwakarta regency and Cirebon regency in West Java province and Brebes regency in Central Java province.

Level 3 PPKM

A total of 82 regions/cities in seven provinces enforced Level 3 PPKM, namely Tangerang city, Cilegon city, Tangerang regency, South Tangerang city, and Serang city in Banten province;

Thousand Islands administrative regency, West Jakarta administrative city, East Jakarta administrative city, South Jakarta administrative city, North Jakarta administrative city, and Central Jakarta administrative city in Special Capital Region of Jakarta;

Sukabumi city, Cirebon city, Bogor city, Bekasi city, Bandung city, Tasikmalaya regency, Tasikmalaya city, Depok city, Cimahi city, Bogor regency, Bekasi regency, West Bandung regency, Bandung regency, and Sumedang regency in West Java province;

Wonosobo regency, Wonogiri regency, Tegal regency, Sukoharjo regency, Sragen regency, Purworejo regency, Purbalingga regency, Magelang regency, Surakarta city, Salatiga city, Magelang city, Klaten regency, Kebumen regency, Karanganyar regency, Cilacap regency, Banyumas regency, and Boyolali regency in Central Java province;

Sleman regency, Bantul regency, Yogyakarta city, Kulonprogo regency, and Gunungkidul regency in Special Region of Yogyakarta;

Tulungagung regency, Trenggalek regency, Situbondo regency, Sidoarjo regency, Ponorogo regency, Pacitan regency, Ngawi regency, Magetan regency, Madiun regency, Lumajang regency, Surabaya city, Malang city, Madiun city, Blitar city, Probolinggo city, Mojokerto city, Batu city, Kediri regency, Bondowoso regency, Blitar regency, Nganjuk regency, Mojokerto regency, Malang regency, Lamongan regency, Gresik regency, and Bangkalan regency in East Java province;

Jembrana regency, Bangli regency, Karangasem regency, Badung regency, Gianyar regency, Klungkung regency, Tabanan regency, Buleleng regency, and Denpasar city in Bali province.

Level 2 PPKM

A total of 43 regions/cities in four provinces implemented Level 2 PPKM, namely Serang regency, Pandeglang regency, and Lebak regency in Banten province;

Kuningan regency, Sukabumi regency, Pangandaran regency, Majalengka regency, Banjar city, Karawang regency, Indramayu regency, Cianjur regency, Ciamis regency, Subang regency, and Garut regency in West Java province;

Pati regency, Temanggung regency, Rembang regency, Pemalang regency, Kudus regency, Tegal city, Semarang city, Pekalongan city, Kendal regency, Banjarnegara regency, Semarang regency, Pekalongan regency, Jepara regency, Grobogan regency, Blora regency, Batang regency, and Demak regency in Central Java province;

Banyuwangi regency, Pasuruan regency, Jember regency, Kediri city, Jombang regency, Tuban regency, Sumenep regency, Sampang regency, Probolinggo regency, Pamekasan regency, Pasuruan city, and Bojonegoro regency in East Java province. (PR of Ministry of Home Affairs/UN) (FI/LW)

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