Gov’t Ensures Electricity Supply for COVID-19 Hospitals

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 25 Maret 2020
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The Government through Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources ensures services regarding electricity, fuel, and gas will be provided to the public as usual amid Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“Electricity supply to referral hospitals for COVID-9 patients in Jakarta and its surrounding areas will be maintained,” Head of Communication, Information Services and Cooperation of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Agung Pribadi said in Jakarta, Tuesday (24/3).

In addition, State-owned Electricity Company PLN will ensure electricity supply availability and supervise electrical installation in hospitals.

For the records, Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) for electricity applied to the hospitals is that electricity will be supplied from two sourcing systems so that in case of primary source failure there is a backup power source to supply electricity.

“Supply networks for hospitals, government offices, and other public facilities which are vital for the mitigation of COVID-19 will always be available since the electricity is sourced from two different electricity stations, one is the primary source, and the other is the alternative source. We will regularly monitor the electricity load once every three hours,” General Manager at PLN’s Greater Jakarta Distribution, M. Ikhsan Asaad, said.

The General Manager added that electricity is vital for providing health services at hospitals particularly during the pandemic. Thus, the PLN will ensure electricity supply and security.

The PLN is also preparing electricity supply for Wisma Atlet (Athlete Village) and hospitals under state-owned enterprises which are used as special hospitals for COVID-19 patients. In Wisma Atlet, the electricity company will supply the power from two different sub systems that are equipped with ACO (Automatic Change Over) system so that in case of primary source failure, the system will automatically transfer the load to the alternative source. The total electricity load for the Wisma Atlet complex is 11,080 kVA.

 During standby (siaga) security level of COVID-19 pandemic, the PLN has deployed 2,271 personnel, 41 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units with a total capacity of 7,070 kVA, 15 mobile transformers with a total capacity of 1,745 kVA, 7 mobile cables spanning 2,600 meters, 23 mobile electricity stations with a total capacity of 17,080 kVA, and 10 units of generator with a total capacity of 1,745 kVA. (Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources/EN)



Translated by : Rany Anjany S
Reviewed by: Mia Medyana B

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