Gov’t Extends Activity Restrictions Outside Java, Bali to November 8

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 18 Oktober 2021
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Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung attends a Limited Cabinet meeting chaired by President Jokowi through video conference, Monday (18/10). Photo by: PR of Cabinet Secretariat/Jay.

In a bid to control the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has extended the implementation of Activity Restrictions (PPKM).

“The PPKM extension has been approved by the President. For areas outside the islands of Java and Bali, [the PPKM] will be implemented from October 19 to November 8, with evaluation carried out every week,” Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto said in a press conference after a Limited Cabinet Meeting on Monday (18/10).

Airlangga said that the determination of the PPKM level is based on the assessment conducted by Ministry of Health, plus one indicator related to the first dose vaccination rate in regencies/cities.

Based on the criteria, Airlangga added, in the new PPKM period, 18 regencies/cities outside the Java and Bali implement level 1 PPKM, 157 regencies/cities implement level 2 PPKM and 211 regencies/cities implement level 3 PPKM.

“Eighteen regencies/cities implementing level 1 PPKM are West Sumbawa, Natuna, Southeast Minahasa, Mahakam Ulu, West Lombok, Ternate, Sibolga, Padang Panjang, Metro, Batam, Talaud Islands, Anambas Islands, Karimun, Central Halmahera, North Gorontalo, Bone Bolango, Bintan, and Central Bengkulu,” Airlangga explained.

On that occasion, Airlangga also said that the development of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia was getting better, with active cases of 18,388 as of October 17.

“The active cases rate was around 0.5 percent of the total cases, lower than the global average of 0.7 percent,” he said.

Based on data from Johns Hopkins University, the indicator of daily confirmed cases per one million population in Indonesia is 3.69 cases per one million population. This is better than confirmed cases in several countries such as Singapore (516.4 cases), the UK (589.7 cases), and India (12.1 cases).

“Indonesia has a relatively lower Reproduction Rate (Rt) of 0.70, lower than that of Singapore (1.12), the UK (1.09) and India (0.85),” Airlangga stated.

The Coordinating Minister went on to say that the national recovery rate (RR) was 96.19 percent, the case fatality rate (CFR) was 3.38 percent, and the decrease in active cases compared to those of August 9 was 95.69 percent.

In Sumatra, he added. the RR was 95.78 percent, the CFR was 3.56 percent, and the decrease in active cases was 95.64 percent. In Nusa Tenggara, the RR was 97.05 percent, the CFR was 2.34 percent, and the decrease in active cases was 95.66 percent, while in Kalimantan the RR was 96.27 percent, the CFR was 3.16 percent, and the decrease in active cases was 95.84 percent.

In Sulawesi, the RR was 96.46 percent, the CFR was 2.63 percent, and the decrease in active cases was 93.69 percent. In Maluku and Papua, the RR was 95.84 percent, the CFR was 1.75 percent, and the decrease in active cases was 89.27 percent.

In Java and Bali, the RR was 96.23 percent, the CFR was 3.50 percent, and the decrease in active cases was 96.86 percent.

Airlangga further said that the weekly assessment of the pandemic situation outside the islands of Java and Bali also showed significant improvements. (PR of Cabinet Secretariat-TGH/UN) (RI/LW)

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