Gov’t Extends Electricity Stimulus through Q2

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 5 April 2021
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In a bid to ease the burden of the less-priviliged as well as industrial and commercial sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indonesian Government has decided to extend the stimulus on electricity bill, from April to June 2021 (Q2).

The electricity stimulus implemented is in the form of discounted electricity rates, load charge exemption, and minimum fee exemption.

“The Government has extended the provision of the COVID-19 stimulus for electricity sector until June 2021 with the hope that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will lessen,” Director General of Electricity to Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Rida Mulyana said, in a written statement, Sunday (04/04).

Rida emphasized that the electricity stimulus provided is temporary. In Q2 of 2021, the stimulus provided is 50 percent of the previous stimulus. Rida also mentioned that there are several differences in the mechanism for providing the stimulus.

For the record, the eligible recipients of the electricity stimulus with a discount extension scheme for subsidized customers are households subscribing to 450 VA and subsidized 900 VA power, small businessess subscribing to 450 VA power, and small industries subscribing to 450 VA power.

Prepaid customers will get a discount on electricity rates when making electricity token purchases, while discounts for postpaid customers are given by directly cutting the electricity bill.

There are three stimulus mechanisms available for the period. First, households with 450 VA power, small businesses with 450 VA power and 450 VA small industries are given a 50 percent discount on electricity rates with a maximum use of 720 operation hours.

Second, households with subsidized 900 VA power are given a 25 percent discount on electricity rates with a maximum use of 720 operation hours. Third, a 50 percent exemption for load charge and minimum fee is applicaple for regular customers and special services for industrial, business and social needs.

“We remind you again, especially for postpaid 450 VA power customers, because of the change in the amount of the stimulus discount, starting from April 2021, customers must make payments again,” Executive Vice President for Corporate Communications and CSR of state-owned electricity company PLN Agung Murdifi said.

For prepaid 450 VA power customers, Agung added, due to the change in the amount of the stimulus discount, customers no longer need to access tokens via web, WhatsApp service, or PLN Mobile application, the stimulus discount is obtained when purchasing electricity tokens.

PLN expressed hope that the electricity stimulus will increase the productivity of entrepreneurs and people’s purchasing power to restore the national economy. The company has also set up a complaint channel via PLN Mobile application.  (PR of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources/UN) (FI/LW)      

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