Gov’t Gives Relaxation for Entrepreneurs Who Pay Off Excise Stamps, Companies in Bonded Zone, KITE

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 24 April 2020
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Flow of KITE facilities. (Source: West Java’s Directorate General of Customs and Excise Regional Office)

Ministry of Finance has announced it will provide relaxations for businesses as a cushion against economic impacts due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

The relaxations are as follows.

First, the Government will provide incentives to postpone excise payments for manufacturers or importers of excisable goods who pay off by means of affixing excise stamps in accordance with Regulation of Minister of Finance Number 30/PMK.04 of 2020.

The relaxation is given to order excise stamps submitted by manufacturers on 9 April – 9 July this year in the form of a delay of payment for 90 days or approximately three months.

The postponement is aimed at ensuring the company’s cash flow so it can continue to operate to overcome the obstruction of logistics and to employ labors to prevent layoffs.

Second, the Government will also provide additional incentives for companies receiving Bonded Zone and/or an Import Tax Waiver for Materials for Export Oriented Goods (KITE) facilities in accordance with Regulation of Minister of Finance Number 31/PMK.04 of 2020.

Additional types of incentives for Bonded Zones are as follows.

First, sales of domestic production are permitted without reducing the current year’s sales quota.

Second, physical inspection of goods import/release is selectively carried out by utilizing information technology. If an area imposes Large-Scale Social Restriction (PSBB), the Bonded Piling Place (TPB) in the area may be given an independent service agreement.

 Third, suspension of import duties and taxes in the framework of import (PDRI) for the entry of face masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), etc. insofar as they are used in bonded zones.

Meanwhile, incentives for companies that obtain KITE facilities are as follows.

First, entry of goods from at home to be processed for export is not subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) or VAT and Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM).

Second, companies can submit production results to be processed and/or combined with the production of bonded zones and small and medium industries (IKM).

Third, Exemption and IKM KITE are permitted to sell domestic products at a maximum of 50% of the export value of the previous year.

Fourth, Exemption and IKM KITE can submit production results for the handling of the COVID-19 to the Government or those who obtain exemption from import duties and taxes within the framework of imports in the country without reducing local sales quotas.

The provision of additional incentives is expected to provide an opportunity for those companies to substitute imported raw materials with local materials and export markets with local markets. (Ministry of Finance PR/EN)



Translator: Muhardi
Reviewed by: M. Ersan Pamungkas

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