Gov’t Grants New Status for Muhammadiyah Lamongan University

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 19 November 2018
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President Jokowi lays first stone of tower of Muhammad Lamongan University, Monday (19/11). (Photo: BPMI).

President Jokowi lays first stone of tower of Muhammadiyah Lamongan University, Monday (19/11). (Photo: BPMI).

During the 106th anniversary of Islamic organization Muhammadiyah, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo granted a new status of Muhammadiyah Lamongan University – it was previously College of Health Science –  and laid the first stone for the construction of Muhammadiyah University tower.

“I’d like to congratulate the 106th anniversary of Muhammadiyah. For 106 years, Muhammadiyah has served the country and fought for amar ma’ruf nahi munkar (commanding the good and forbidding the evil) and has developed Islamic practices in personal, family and community life,” President Jokowi said at the Muhammadiyah University in Lamongan, East Java province, Monday (19/11).

According to the President, throughout its journey Muhammadiyah has produced a number of great figures who had helped advance the country. “Muhammadiyah has produced many great figures for the greatness and progress of Indonesia, among them are the founder of Muhammadiyah Kiai Haji Ahmad Dahlan, Nyai Siti Walidah, Buya Hamka, Ki Bagus Hadikusumo, Kiai Haji Mas Mansoer, and Kasman Singodimedjo,” he said.

In addition, the President said, Muhammadiyah had also helped the Government in establishing dozens of hospitals spread across the country. In the education sector, Muhammadiyah has also established more than 5,000 schools, 67 Islamic boarding schools and 170 universities, he added.

“Muhammadiyah universities have always been excellent in all major cities throughout Indonesia,” the President added.

On the occasion, President Jokowi also handed over a copy of the decree on the status change of six Muhammadiyah College to the six Muhammadiyah Universities rectors and inaugurated the Ki Bagus Hadikusumo campus mosque.

For the record, the six Muhammadiyah colleges that have had their status changed are Muhammadiyah Lamongan College of Health Science, Muhammadiyah Kudus College of Health Science, Muhammadiyah Wonosobo College of Health Science, Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta College of Economy Science, Aisyiyah Banten Midwifery School and Sorong Muhammadiyah College. (BPMI/EN)


Translated by: Estu Widyamurti
Edited by: Ersan Pamungkas

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