Gov’t Issues Joint Ministerial Decree to Accelerate Limited Face-to-Face Learning Process

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 30 Maret 2021
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The Government has issued Joint Decree (SKB) of Minister of Education and Culture, Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Health, and Minister of Religious Affairs on the Guidelines for Learning Process during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Joint Ministerial Decree is an effort by the Government to accelerate limited face-to-face learning while adhering to strict health protocols, Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Anwar Makarim, on Tuesday (30/3), said in his online press statement.

“After educators and education personnel in the education unit are completely vaccinated, the Central Government, regional governments, regional offices, or the offices of Ministry of Religious Affairs require these education units to provide limited face-to-face learning services by implementing health protocols and long-distance learning services,” Nadiem said.

According to the Minister, the obligation of the education unit needs to be fulfilled because parents or guardians have the right to choose for their children to do limited face-to-face learning or continue to carry out long-distance learning.

Nadiem emphasized that education units must fulfill a checklist before starting limited face-to-face learning services no later than the new academic year. Limited face-to-face learning can be combined with long-distance learning in order to prioritize the health and safety of those participating in the learning process.

The Minister also stated that the Central Government, regional governments, regional offices, and the offices of Ministry of Religious Affairs are required to supervise the learning process in education units.

“On confirmed COVID-19 cases, the Central Government, regional governments, regional offices, the offices of Ministry of Religious Affairs and heads of education units are required to handle cases and can temporarily stop face-to-face learning at the school,” Nadiem said.

Furthermore, Nadiem asked the heads of education units to consistently provide education on health protocols as an effort to build a culture of discipline in educational units.

“Of course, regional governments through the education and health offices must ensure that the checklist is fulfilled in each education unit, monitor and evaluate the limited face-to-face learning process in educational units,” he said, adding that the transportation office must ensure safe transportation access to and from the education unit.

The regional governments and the regional COVID-19 Task Forces, Nadiem said, will carry out testing if a person in the education unit is found to have a symptom. Tracing will be conducted if a positive confirmed case is discovered. “And, of course, handling cases and temporarily closing limited face-to-face learning when a confirmed COVID-19 case is found,” he added.

He also invited all stakeholders to work together to ensure safe learning for Indonesian children. (PR of Ministry of Education and Culture/AIT/UN) (FI/LW)

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