Gov’t Issues List of 2018 Haj Pilgrimage Travel Fees

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation
Date 11 April 2018
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JamaahHajiIndonesia-300x200President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on 10 April 2018 has signed Presidential Decree Number 7 of 2018 on Haj Pilgrimage Travel Fees (BPIH) of 1439H/2018M. The decree regulates the amount of BPIH for regular pilgrims in every embarkation and the amount of BPIH for Regional Haj Guide Team (TPHD) per embarkation.

The lowest BPIH is Rp31,090,010 and Rp58,796,855 of TPHD for Aceh embarkation point, while the highest BPIH is Rp38,798,305 and Rp66,505,150 for TPHD of Lombok (West Nusa Tenggara) embarkation point.

Below is a list of BPIH of regular Haj pilgrims based on embarkation point:

  1. Aceh: Rp31,090,010;
  2. Medan: Rp31,840,375;
  3. Batam: Rp32,456,450;
  4. Padang: Rp33,068,245;
  5. Palembang: Rp33,529,675;
  6. Jakarta (Pondok Gede): Rp34,532,190;
  7. Jakarta (Bekasi): Rp34,532,190;
  8. Solo: Rp35,933,275;
  9. Surabaya: Rp36,091,845;
  10. Banjarmasin: Rp38,157,084;
  11. Balikpapan: Rp38,525,445;
  12. Makassar: Rp39,507,741; and
  13. Lombok: Rp38,798,305.

BPIH list for TPHD based on embarkation point is as follows:

  1. Aceh: Rp58,796,855;
  2. Medan: Rp59,547,220;
  3. Batam: Rp60,163,295;
  4. Padang: Rp60,775,090;
  5. Palembang: Rp61,236,520;
  6. Jakarta (Pondok Gede): Rp62,239,035;
  7. Jakarta (Bekasi): Rp62,239,035;
  8. Solo: Rp63,640,120;
  9. Surabaya: Rp63,798,690;
  10. Banjarmasin: Rp65,863,929;
  11. Balikpapan: Rp66,232,290;
  12. Makassar: Rp67,214,586 and
  13. Lombok: Rp66,505,150.

Director of Haj Domestic Services of Ministry of Religious Affairs Ahda Barori said that BPIH for regular haj pilgrims is used for haj flight expenses, accommodation cost in Makkah, and living cost during the pilgrimage. At the same time, BPIH from TPHD is used for haj flight expenses, accommodation fees in Makkah and Madinah, living cost during the pilgrimage, as well as the cost of overseas and domestic haj services.

For regular pilgrims who have paid the initial deposit of Rp25 million, according to Ahda, the money to be deposited is the difference amount between the initial deposit with predetermined BPIH per embarkation.

“The funds are deposited to Haj Fund Management Agency (BPKH) account at Receiver Bank of Haj Cost Deposit appointed by BPKH,” Ahda said.

Regarding deadline for the payment, he is currently preparing Decrees of Minister of Religious Affairs and Directorate General of Haj and Umrah which regulate this matter.

Ahda also expressed his hope both regulations could be completed this week so that BPIH payment period for regular pilgrims and TPHD can be announced soon. (Humas Kemenag/ES) (GWH/MMB/Naster)

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