Gov’t Issues Presidential Regulation on Social Affairs Ministry

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 24 Desember 2021
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President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on 14 December 2021 issued Presidential Regulation Number 110 of 2021 on Ministry of Social Affairs.

This Presidential Regulation can be accessed on the website of Cabinet Secretariat Network of Documentation and Information on Laws (JDIH Sekretariat Kabinet) and serves as a follow-up of Presidential Decree Number 133/P of 2020 on Reshuffle of Some State Ministers of Onward Indonesia Cabinet in the period of 2019-2024 and to implement the provision of Article 11 of Law Number 39 of 2008 on State Ministry.

“Ministry of Social Affairs is tasked to carry out the Government’s works in social sector in order to assist the President in carrying out state governance,” as quoted in Article 4 of the Presidential Regulation.

Ministry of Social Affairs is led by a minister and is under and responsible to the President. In leading Ministry of Social Affairs, Minister of Social Affairs may be assisted by a vice minister according to President’s designation. The vice minister is under and responsible to the Minister and has a task of assisting the Minister in leading the implementation of Ministry of Social Affairs’ duties.

Based on the regulation, Ministry of Social Affairs’ organizational structure consists of Secretariat General, Directorate General for Social Protection and Security Affairs, Directorate General for Social Rehabilitation, and Directorate General for Social Empowerment.

The Ministry also has Inspectorate General, Expert Staff for Social Change and Dynamics Affairs, Expert Staff for Social Welfare Technology Affairs and Expert Staff for Social Accessibility Affairs, all of which are under and responsible to the Minister.

“Expert Staffs are under and responsible to the Minister of Social Affairs and administratively coordinated by Secretary General,” as quoted in Article 22.

The Presidential Regulation also stated that the organization of Ministry of Social Affairs may have functional positions according to the needs and the implementation will be carried out according to provisions of the Laws.

Additionally, to implement operational technical tasks and/or supporting technical tasks in Minister of Social Affairs, Technical Implementation Units (UPT) may be formed and led by Head of UPT.

“The aforementioned Technical Implementation Units are stipulated by Minister of Social Affairs upon the approval from the Minister who oversees the Government’s works in state apparatus sector” as quoted in Article 27.

As mandated in the regulation, in carrying out the tasks and functions, Minister of Social Affairs must implement performance accountability system of the Government’s institutions.

“Ministry of Social Affairs must formulate a business process that describes effective and efficient work organization between all organizational units at Ministry of Social Affairs,” as quoted in Article 29.

Also stated in the Regulation is that all elements in Ministry of Social Affairs must implement government internal controlling system according to provisions of laws and regulations.

“The Minister submit reports to the President concerning the result of the implementations of government’s works in social sector on a regular basis or whenever needed,” says Article 30 of the Presidential Regulation.

Presidential Regulation Number 110 of 2021 comes into effect since it has been promulgated by Minister of Law and Human Rights Affairs Yasonna H. Laoly on 14 December 2021.

By the time this regulation comes into effect, Presidential Regulation Number 46 of 2015 on Ministry of Social Affairs is revoked and declared null and void.

“By the time this Presidential Regulation comes into effect, all existing positions and its officials at Ministry of Social Affairs continue to carry on its tasks and functions until new positions are formed and new officials are assigned according to this Presidential Regulation,” as mentioned in the provisions of Presidential Regulation Number 110 of 2021. (UN) (AW/EP)

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