Gov’t Issues Regulation on Implementation of Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 23 April 2021
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President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, on 6 April 2021, has signed Government Regulation Number 59 of 2021 on the Implementation of the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers.

Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah said that the Government Regulation promulgated by Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly on 7 April 2021 constitutes one of the derivative regulations of Law Number 18 of 2017 on the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers. Through the issuance of the Regulation, the Government has shown its commitment on the protection of migrant workers.

“This is a very awaited regulation, in addition to this Government Regulation contains regulations that further explain the substance of Law Number 18 of 2017, it is also an important legal instrument to improve the governance of placement and protection for our migrant workers,” the Minister said, quoted from the Ministry of Manpower’s website, Friday (23/04).

The Minister said that the management of the placement of Indonesian migrant workers must prioritize aspects of social protection and security, considering that the process and movement of labor migration between countries is very dynamic. The Government also expressed hope that in the future, more migrant workers who work abroad are those who are skilled and competent, she added.

“In principle, the Government has a strong commitment to improving the quality of protection of Indonesian migrant workers and one of the ways is by increasing the skills of migrant workers and implementing good regulations,” she said.

The Minister further stated that the regulation consists of seven chapters. Chapter I contains General Provisions and Chapter II regulates the protection of Indonesian migrant workers, Ida said.

“The protection of Indonesian migrant workers is the central issue. In its implementation, this Government Regulation regulates protection of migrant workers pre-working, during working at their placement countries, and post-working,” she added.

Furthermore, Chapter III regulates the One-Stop Integrated Service for the placement and protection of Indonesian migrant workers. The establishment of the One-Stop Integrated Service aims to improve services that are effective, efficient, transparent, fast, and of quality without discrimination.

The One-Stop Integrated Service will coordinate and integrate eight institutions/agencies services in the forms of desks, consisting of desks for manpower, complaint and information, population and civil registration, health, immigration, police, banking, and social security.

According to the Minister, Chapter IV covers the division of duties and responsibilities explicitly between the Central Government and regional governments in providing protection for Indonesian migrant workers and their families in an integrated and coordinated manner.

“The village-level governments are also involved in the migration process. This is because improving migration governance requires the commitment of all parties, including the smallest elements of government in the village,” she said.

Meanwhile, Chapter V regulates the Indonesian Migrant Worker Placement Company and Chapter VI concerns development and supervision.

“On development, ministers, governors and regents/mayors carry out fostering functions in an integrated and coordinated manner. For the supervisory function, ministers, governors and regents/mayors may involve the communities,” the Minister said.

Meanwhile, Chapter VII as the last chapter regulates the closing provisions. In this chapter, some of the previous regulations, namely Government Regulation Number 3 of 2013, Government Regulation Number 5 of 2013, Government Regulation Number 4 of 2015, and Presidential Regulation Number 64 of 2011 are declared invalid. (PR of Ministry of Manpower/UN) (FI/MUR)

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