Gov’t Reinforces Commitment to Workers Protection Improvement

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 6 Januari 2022
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Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziah

The Government has renewed commitment to improving workers protection amid the age of digitalization, which will bring a great impact on employment in the future.

“These changes do not only occur in the types, characteristics, and skills needed (in a job). In fact, employment challenges in the future will also change accordingly,” Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah said as quoted by the Ministry’s webpage, Thursday (01/06).

On that note, the Minister called all stakeholders to ensure the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) as an important issue in digitalization age in order to avoid the risks of work accidents.

Ida also urged all stakeholders to prioritize workers’ rights due to changes in the characteristics of works in the digitalization age.

“The goal of the age of digitalization is to make things easier and more efficient,” she added.

In the meantime, on the commemoration of the 2022 OHS Month adopting the theme “Implementation of OSH Culture in Every Business Activity to Support Workers Protection in the Age of Digitalization”, the Minister said the event is also a manifestation of the Government’s commitment to improving workers protection.

“The theme encourages all of us not to ignore the issue of worker protection in the midst of changing industrial world in the age of digitalization,” she remarked. (PR of Ministry of Manpower/UN) (GWH/EP)

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