Gov’t Set to Finalize Construction of Margatiga Dam in Lampung

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 17 September 2021
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Margatiga Dam (Photo: PR of Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing)

Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing has announced it will immediately finalize the construction of Margatita dam in Lampung province.

The construction is targeted to be completed by the end this year.

“The dam construction is planned to be completed by the end of 202. We have discussed and addressed several issues (related to the construction). Hopefully, it is completed by the end of this year,” the Ministry’s Director General of Water Resources Jarot Widyoko said as quoted in the official site of Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, Friday (17/09/2021).

Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing has actively built dams to support national food and water sustainability. This year alone, the Government has set a target of building 17 dams throughout the country.

Aside from Margatiga dam in Lampung Province – which is one of national food estates – the Government has also completed the construction of Way Sekampung dam, which was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo on 2 September this year. The dam is located in East Lampung regency, Lampung province and is planned to be 28.75 meter high, 321.76 meter long, 7 meter wide, and 2,313.96 hectare water area.

“Margatiga Dam is multifunctional as it functions for irrigation system, water reserves, and flood controlling. As soon as the construction of the dam is completed, the local people will reap the benefits,” Jarot said.

Margatiga Dam, which has 42.31 million cubic meter volume, is projected to irrigate 16,588-hectare land and increase the intensity of local farming. It will also reserve water in East Lampung as much as 0.80 cubic meter per second, reduce flood as much as 83.1 cubic meter per second, and can also function as a water conservation and tourist site.

The dam, which has been in construction since 20 December 2017, will be used to optimize the use water from Way Sekampung river, especially in downstream area. It has also been integrated with two other dams, namely Way Sekampung Dam and Batutegi Dam. The construction of the two dams was completed back in 2004. (PR of Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing/UN) (AW/EP)

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