Gov’t Starts 2021 Family Data Collection

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 3 April 2021
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Source: PR of BKKBN

In a bid to update its database, the National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN) has announced that it will carry out the 2021 Family Data Collection on 1 April – 31 May.

“Development starts from good planning and planning shall base on accurate data. The 2021 Family Data Collection produces micro family data, (recorded) by name, by address, as the provision of data or basis for planning and equitable development,” Head of the BKKBN Hasto Wardoyo said, as quoted from the official BKKBN website, Saturday (03/04).

The data collection is vital for both Central Government and regional governments in providing a family database used to intervene in development programs such as Family Development Program, Population Program, Family Planning Program (Bangga Kencana), and others.

This family data collection is carried out simultaneously every five years, and this year’s data collection is carried out by applying strict health protocols. Families who are visited must ensure that the data collectors wear masks and maintain a safe distance.

The BKKBN conducts family data collection as mandated by Law Number 52 of 2009 on Population Development and Family Development and Government Regulation Number 87 of 2014 on Population Development, Family Development, Family Planning, and Family Information Systems.

“Family is a fundamental part of society, religion and state. The state guarantees and protects every citizen to get their rights, and this family data collection is carried out in an effort to protect and fulfill the rights of every citizen, including family,” Hasto said.

Hasto further emphasized that the 2021 Family Data Collection is important to describe and identify Indonesian families. In addition, data collection is also carried out to determine the potential and constraints of Indonesian families in vital functions in the fields of health, education, and economy.

This year’s data collection will also collect profiles previously unavailable on any data source such as couples of childbearing age, families with toddlers, families with adolescents, families with the elderly, families at risk of stunting, and aspects of family welfare recorded by name by address.

“All potentials and challenges of the families are also the potentials and challenges for the nation. So, we do data collection to measure the quality of independence and family happiness in Indonesia,” Hasto said.

The 2021 Family Data Collection is carried out in all regions of Indonesia for all Indonesian families, amounting to approximately 77.9 million households. (PR of BKKBN/UN) (FI/MMB)

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