Gov’t to Begin Selection Process of Contract-Based Government Teachers

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 24 November 2020
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source: PR of Ministry of Education and Culture

The Government has announced that next year it will start the selection process for one million non-tenured or non-civil servant (non-PNS) teachers to become PPPK (Contract-based Government Employee) teachers.

According to Vice President Ma’ruf Amin, non-tenured teachers should meet certain requirements to be selected as PPPK teachers. Teacher is the main pillar of education, so competent teachers will determine the success of educational process in producing excellent human resources.

“In accordance with Law Number 14 of 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers, it is stated that there are four groups of teacher competencies, including pedagogical (teaching ability), personal (character and example), social (community participation), and professional (training and education) competencies. All of these competencies are essential to produce independent and creative students who can think critically,” he said at the Announcement of PPPK Teacher Selection Plan, held virtually in Jakarta, Monday (23/11).

The Government, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin said, has decided that the development of excellent human resources is a top priority. Excellent human resources is the key to win the global competition. Thus, we need an adequate number of educators with high competence across the country, he added.

On that occasion, the Vice President said that there is only a small number of non-tenured teachers who have passed teacher certification program. Non-tenured teachers are also unable to participate in capacity-building activity to pursue higher education. “As time goes on, the competence of non-tenured teachers must also be improved,” he said.

In accordance with Law Number 5 of 2014 on State Civil Apparatus (ASN), the ASN consists of Civil Servants (PNS) and the PPPK. Therefore, non-tenured teachers have the opportunity to become the PPPK teachers. It is regulated in detail in Government Regulation (PP) Number 49 of 2018 on the Management of PPPK.

“The Government plans to conduct an open selection process for PPPK teachers next year. We hope with a good start, the issue of non-tenured teachers can gradually be resolved,” he said.

Ministry of Education and Culture will provide online independent learning materials to help non-tenured teachers to prepare themselves prior to the exam. Non-tenured teachers are also expected to make the most of such facility so they can pass the selection. Costs for administering the exam will be borne by the Government. Each applicant can also take the exam up to three times.

“If participants fail on the first opportunity, they can re-take the exam up to two more times in the same year,” he said.

Therefore, the Vice President also expressed his hope that this selection can be a solution to improve management of teachers.

“There will be no shortage of competent teachers. The PPPK teachers can also have more time to focus on teaching,” he concluded. (PR of Ministry of Education and Culture / UN) (RF/MMB)

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