Gov’t to Conduct Isbat Meeting on Friday

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 17 Mei 2020
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A hilal (crescent moon) observation process. (Source: Ministry of Religious Affairs).

The Government has announced that it will hold a limited isbat (confirmation) meeting on Friday (22/5) to decide the start of this year’s 1 Shawwal 1441 Hijri.

According to Director of Islamic Affairs and Sharia Development at Directorate General of Muslim Community Agus Salim, Minister of Religious Affairs Fachrul Razi is scheduled to chair the meeting that will be carried out following the health protocol for COVID-19 outbreak so that only several Islamic organizations and other relevant parties will attend the meeting.

“The isbat meeting will be conducted in accordance with the health protocol. The meeting will be attended by several relevant parties, including Minister of Religious Affairs, Vice Minister, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), and Commission VIII of the House of Representatives (DPR-RI) overseeing religious and social affairs,” Agus said in Jakarta, Saturday (16/5).

“We will also invite other participants from Islamic organizations to attend the meeting through a video conference,” Agus added.

Regarding the media coverage, he added, Ministry of Religious Affairs is cooperating with state-owned television station TVRI to become a TV Pool so that other media can coordinate with them.

“We will also utilize Ministry of Religious Affairs’ social media to do live streaming,” Agus said.

On that occasion, Agus said that the first session of isbat meeting will begin at 17.00 Western Indonesian Time, which includes hilal (crescent moon) observation conducted by a Falakiyah member from Religious Ministry Cecep Nurwendaya.

After the maghrib (post-sunset) prayer, Agus continued, the meeting will be opened by Minister of Religious Affairs, followed by the results of hisab (astronomical calculation) and rukyat (new moon observation) methods.

“The results of the isbat meeting will be announced by Minister of Religious Affairs through a live video conference by TVRI as TV Pool and the Ministry’s social media live streaming,” Agus said.

Following is the list of the rukyatul hilal locations for the start of 1 Shawwal 1441H:

  1. Aceh Province: a) Observatory Tgk. Chiek Kuta Karang; b) Lhokseumawe Bukit Poly Perta Aron Complex; c) Aceh Jaya Gunung Cring Cran; d) Suak Geudeubang Beach in West Aceh regency; e) Lhok Keutapang Beach in South Aceh; f) Teluk Dalam Beach in Simeulue regency; g) the Zero Kilometer Monument in Sabang;
  2. North Sumatra province: Region 1 Medan office of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG);
  3. West Sumatra province: Nurul Huda Parupuk Tabing Mosque Shelter Building;
  4. Riau province: Premier Hotel Pekanbaru;
  5. Riau Islands: Bukit Cermin;
  6. Jambi province: Odua Weston Hotel;
  7. South Sumatra province: Aryaduta Hotel
  8. Bangka Belitung Islands province: a) Penagan Beach; b) Tanjung Pandam Beach; and c) Tanjung Kalian Muntok Beach;
  9. Bengkulu province: Dak Mess the Bengkulu provincial government;
  10. Lampung province: POB Bukit Gelumpai Canti Kalianda Beach, South Lampung;
  11. Special Capital Region of Jakarta: the seventh floor of Ministry of Religious Affairs Building and the Planetarium Team at Ancol Beach
  12. West Java province: a) POB Cibeas Pelabuhan Ratu; b) Bosscha Lembang Bandung, West Bandung regency; c) Babakan Mountain, Banjar City; d) Santolo Pamengpeuk Beach, Garut regency; e) Cipatujah Beach Tasikmalaya regency; f) Gebang Beach, Cirebon regency; g) Astha Hannas Binong High School, Subang regency; and h) Pondok Bali Beach, Subang regency;
  13. Banten province: Mambruk Anyer Hotel
  14. Central Java province: a) Al-Husna Tower, the Great Mosque of Central Java, Semarang, b) Alam Indah Tegal Beach; c) Assalam Observatory, d) Lab Falak MAN 1 Surakarta;
  15. Special Region of Yogyakarta: the BNPB Tower, Parangkusumo Beach, Bantul;
  16. East Java province: a) Sunan Drajat Beach / Tanjung Kodok Paciran Lamongan; b) Bukit Condrodipo Gresik; c) Bawean Beach, Gresik regency; d) Lapan, Pasuruan regency; e) Islamic school Al Hikmah Pasuruan City; f) Bukit Banyu Urip, Tuban regency; g) Bukit Wonocolo Bojonegoro; h) Duta Probolinggo Beach; i) Gili Island, Probolinggo regency; j) Gunung Sekekep Wagir Kidul, Ponorogo regency; k) Bangkalan Gebang Beach; l) Helipad Air Force Ngliyep, Malang regency; m) Serang Beach, Blitar regency; n) Bukit Wonotirto Blitar; o) Srau Pacitan Beach; p) Kasap Pacitan Beach; q) Nyamplong Kobong Jember Beach; r) Sadeng Jember Mountain; s) Situbondo Pacinan Beach; t) Alas Purwo Banyuwangi Beach; u) Bukit Gumuk Klasi Indah Banyuwangi; v) Ambat Tlanakan Pamekasan Beach; w) Sapo Beach, Sumenep regency; x) Kalisangka Kangean Sumenep Beach; y) Taneros Sumenep Beach, z) 222 Ploso Radar Unit in Kaboh, Jombang regency, aa) Pandan Madiun Mountain Slope;
  17. West Kalimantan province: Indah Kakap Beach, Kubu Raya regency;
  18. Central Kalimantan province: Palangkaraya Aquarius Hotel;
  19. East Kalimantan province: Asma’ul Husna Baitul Muttaqin Islamic Center Samarinda Mosque Tower;
  20. South Kalimantan province: South Kalimantan Bank Building;
  21. North Kalimantan province: Tanjung Selor Mountain KNIP;
  22. Bali province: Patra Jasa Hotel Kuta Beach, Badung Bali;
  23. West Nusa Tenggara province: Loang Baloq Recreational Park;
  24. East Nusa Tenggara province: Hotel Aston Kupang Rooftop;
  25. South Sulawesi province: Mall GTC Tanjung Bunga Makassar Rooftop;
  26. West Sulawesi province: Tanjung Mercusuar Sumare, Mamuju regency;
  27. Southeast Sulawesi province: Wolulu Beach, Kolaka regency;
  28. North Sulawesi province: the Parking Area of Manado City Mtc Apartment;
  29. Gorontalo province: Bulango Raya Village, North Gorontalo regency;
  30. Central Sulawesi province: Hisab Building;
  31. Maluku province: Wakasihu Village, Central Maluku;
  32. North Maluku: a) Desa Ropu Tengah Balu Jailolo Beach, West Halmahera; and b) POB BMKG Afe Taduma
  33. Papua province: Jayapura Holtekam;
  34. West Papua province: the Tower of Great Mosque of Al Hidayah Fak-Fak. (Public Relations of Religious Affairs Ministry / EN)



Translated by: Syarifah Aisyah
Reviewed by: M. Ersan Pamungkas

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