Gov’t to Hold Dissemination, Public Consultations on Implementing Regulations of Job Creation Law

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 17 November 2020
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The Government continues to immediately finalize the implementing regulations for the Job Creation Law, while also preparing dissemination and public consultations to be held in various regions of the country.

“The Government is preparing a program of dissemination and public consultation on all RPP (Draft Government Regulations) and RPerpres (Draft Presidential Regulations) from the Job Creation Law to provide a clear and complete understanding to the public, so that the people can fully understand the substance and the input which will be given later to the Government can be more focused and substantive,” said Secretary of Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs Susiwijono Moegiarso in a written press statement, Sunday (15/11).

Susiwijono pointed out that those programs will partner with various stakeholders, including all ministries / agencies in charge of all clusters of the Job Creation Law, local governments, business associations, trade unions, related experts and practitioners, media and academics in universities throughout the country, as well as components of society which are expected to provide input on the substance of the RPP and RPerpres implemented from the Job Creation Law.

Susiwijono went on to explain that the implementing regulation is set to be completed this week or upcoming Friday (20/11) at the latest, except for several RPPs that require substance consolidation with several ministries / agencies. The implementing regulations consist of 40 government regulations (PP) and 4 presidential regulations (Perpres).

“To date, 24 RPP have been discussed with related ministries / agencies, and will continue to complete by holding continued discussions with all ministries / agencies this week,” he said.

Other than those 24 RPP, he added, currently there is already an initial draft of the RPP, but still being discussed by ministries / agencies. The Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs continues to coordinate with the ministries / agencies that are in charge of the RPP and RPerpres to accelerate the discussion process and completion of those regulations.

“We continue to push for acceleration of the completion of the RPP internally, so that it can be uploaded immediately on the Official Website of the Job Creation Law (, so that the public can immediately access and download the draft and provide input or proposals on the substance of the draft,” he said.

The Government has invited and opened space for public participation as much as possible in the formulation of the regulations by providing physical access to the Cipta Kerja Post (formerly the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs Office at the Big Post Building 6th Floor, Jl. Banteng Utara No.1 Central Jakarta), and online through the Official Website of the Job Creation Law.

The Government is hoping that by providing easy access to the public, both physical and online, it will facilitate and further encourage the public to be able to provide input on the substance and material of the draft of the implementing regulations of the Job Creation Law.

In addition, the Government also encourages the public to be more active in providing input, because the PP and Perpres will further regulate various provisions that have been stipulated in the Job Creation Law. (Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs / UN Public Relations)



Translated by: Estu Widyamurti
Reviewed by: Muhardi

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