Gov’t to Prioritize National Defense Industry Market

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation
Date 27 Januari 2020
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President Jokowi poses for a group photo after inspecting PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) headquarters in Surabaya, East Java Province, Monday (27/1). (Photo by: PR / Agung).

The Government has announced it will prioritize national strategic defense industries market and will export its products to the global market.

“We are proud to know that state-owned ship maker PT PAL Indonesia has exported ships to several countries, but it is better to focus on defense industry market at home,” President Jokowi said in his press statement after a Limited Cabinet Meeting at PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) headquarters in Surabaya, Province East Java, Monday (27/1).

According to the President, a number of SOEs should pay attention to the domestic market, including state-owned weapons manufacturer PT Pindad and PT PAL Indonesia.

Previously, President Jokowi in a limited meeting said that this measure aims to strengthen Indonesia’s technology in state defense.

“We have discussed in details regarding several SOEs that the Government will focus on,” the President said.

The President added that Ministry of Defense and all relevant ministries should take into account the program for primary weaponry defense system (Alutsista). “For instance, if there is a purchaser for a ship, other ministries can lead them to PT PAL Indonesia,” he said.

The President further said that the Government has set a target of medium-term 15-year scheme for those purchasers from local defense industries.

“This is expected to make consistency in planning and implementation of developing our defense strategic industry,” the President added.

Regarding Alugoro Submarine, the first ‘Southeast Asian Country’ assembled submarine, the President continued, this submarine is an example of good collaboration because there is a transfer of technology in the assembly of Alugoro submarine.

“I hope we can be independent at some point, including in fully developing and assembling our own submarines,” the President added. (DID / EN)



Translated by: Syarifah Aisyah
Reviewed by: Muhardi
Proofread by: M. Ersan Pamungkas

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