Has Attempted Hard, Vice President Let the Singapore Helps to Extinguish Forest Fire

By Humas
Date 28 September 2015
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Asap Singapor

The scenery in Singapore are covered in smog from forest fire in Sumatra

Vice President Jusuf Kalla asserted the government of Indonesian is open to any country, including Singapore, if Singapore wants to help extinguish the forest fire in the country (Indonesia) to eliminate the smoke.

“We are very open then go ahead please. Singapore can look and please if Singapore wants to help. Do not just talk,” the Vice President said in New York, USA, on Sunday (28/9), respond to Singapore’s Foreign Minister K Shanmugam who protested the way of the government of Indonesia to address the forest fire that caused smoke haze in Singapore.

Foreign Minister Shanmugam pointed to the data Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) Singapore, which has reached the highest figure in the year, at the level of 341.

Already Trying Hard

Vice President Jusuf Kalla argued, so far, the government of Indonesian has been trying hard to extinguish the fire. However, Vice President added, it is difficult to extinguish forest fire in a short time. “The problem is the fires in Indonesia, besides hot weather conditions, as well as the high winds,” he said.

Vice President pointed out the forest fires in California, United States is also difficult to extinguish in a short time.

“All efforts are able to do, we have to do, as this effect has been to the other countries, if other countries want to help please,” the Vice President said.

Meanwhile, Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi claimed to have communicated with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Singapore to explain the steps that have been executed in Indonesia.

“Indonesia is very serious in putting out the forest fire, and will be coupled with enforcement and education,” Retno said.  (ANT/ES)

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