Head of BKPM: Permits 3 hours for a Minimum Investment of Rp 100 billion or Can Absorb 1000 Labors

By Humas     Date 30 September 2015
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Franky BKPM

Head of Investment Coordinating Board Franky Sibarani

Head of Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Franky Sibarani explained, permits investment completed within 3 (three) hours as stated by Coordinating Minister for Economics Darmin Nasution, produces three products, namely the principle permits itself, the deed of company, and the Taxpayer Identification Number (of NPWP ). To process the permits within 3 hours, the agency also prepares in-house notary.

But Franky remind that there are prerequisite for the permits investment in 3 hours, namely carried out in an industrial area, investors can directly conduct the selection of sites in the industrial area, and then immediately began to build or start doing construction operations. The investment that set is at least Rp 100 billion, or employ of 1000 Indonesian workers.

“Then, I mentioned earlier that the resulting product is an investment permits, then an Indonesian legal entity and NPWP of. Then, in the industrial area, investors just signed a commitment to certain norms that have been determined by the technical ministries, “said Franky told reporters at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (29/9).

Franky added that in the industrial area has an environmental impact assessment (amdal). Because it is a provision which must be met by the industrial area. Therefore, Franky continued, investors are still required to establish waste management UKL UPL, but the requirement is the quality standard.

Franky also noted that President Joko Widodo has commissioned Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) with coordinating other technical ministries, to cut the licensing process, particularly in the industrial sector which will become one of the backbone of economic development in the future. (DID/RAH/ES)/Sy.

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