Health Ministry Evaluates Living Allowance for Medical Interns

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 15 Desember 2022
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Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin (Photo by: PR of Cabinet Secretariat/Rahmat)

In response to recommendations from various parties, Ministry of Health has adjusted the amount of living allowance for medical interns in Indonesia for the 2023 internship program.

As a follow-up action, the Decree of Minister of Health on the amount of living allowance received by medical interns that will come into force in 2023 will be amended.

“Let me express my sincerest gratitude for giving us various suggestions regarding living allowance for intern doctors and dentists. It is our duty as part of the Government to listen to the people’s suggestions and aspirations, including doctors and dentists who are public service providers,” Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin said in his press statement delivered online on Thursday (12/15).

The Minister stressed that healthcare system transformation will not occur if it is not supported by equal distribution of human resources.

“Therefore, the internship program is expected to improve healthcare services so that the people in the regions who have been having a difficulty to receive healthcare services can have access to doctors, dentists, and healthcare services,” he said.

Budi pointed out that doctors and dentists receive living allowance during their internship program and the amount differs based on the regions as follows:

  1. Rp6,499,575 for interns in remote regions, border areas, and small islands (DTPK);
  2. Rp3,999,574 for interns in Maluku islands, East Nusa Tenggara province, and Papua island (outside DTPK);
  3. Rp3,727,034 for interns in Kalimantan and Sulawesi islands (outside DTPK);
  4. Rp3,498,800 for interns in Sumatra island and West Nusa Tenggara province (outside provincial capitals and DTPK);
  5. Rp3,241,200 for interns in provincial capitals of Sumatera island and West Nusa Tenggara; and
  6. Rp3,241,200 for interns in Java and Bali islands.

“The living allowance for interns in DTPK regions is higher in hope to encourage prospective medical interns to choose to intern in remote regions, border areas, and small islands,” Budi remarked. (PR of Ministry of Health/UN) (DH/MMB)

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