Health Ministry Issues Circular on COVID-19 Booster Shots

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 13 Januari 2022
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Ministry of Health has issued Circular Number HK.02.02/II/252/2022 on COVID-19 Booster Shots.

“Booster COVID-19 shots are administered after a person has received a complete primary dose of vaccination. The booster shots are aimed at maintaining the level of immunity and extending the period of protection,” the Ministry’s Director General for Disease Prevention and Control Maxi Rein Rondonuwu said, Thursday (01/13).

Maxi said that researches have showed a decrease in antibodies six months after receiving a complete primary dose of COVID-19 vaccination, so that a follow-up or booster dose is needed to increase individual protection, especially in vulnerable groups of people. The provision of this booster shots has also been recommended by the Indonesian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ITAGI) to improve the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Booster shots are administered by the Government for people aged 18 years and over with priority groups of the elderly and immunocompromised patients.

The requirements for receiving the vaccine dose are as follows:

  1. Prospective vaccine recipients show their identity number (NIK) in their identity card/family card (KTP/KK) or their account in PeduliLindungi application;
  2. The prospective recipient is 18 years old or older; and
  3. The recipient prospective has received a complete dose of primary vaccination not less than six months.

Maxi said that booster vaccination is carried out through two mechanisms. First, the homologous mechanism is the administration of a booster vaccine using the same type of vaccine as the full-dose primary vaccine. Second, the heterologous mechanism is the administration of a booster vaccine using a different type of vaccine from the full-dose primary vaccine.

“The use of vaccine for pregnant women shall refer to Circular Number HK.02.01/1/2007/2021 on COV1D-19 Vaccination for Pregnant Women and Screening Adjustments in the Implementation of COVID-19 Vaccination,” Maxi said.

Maxi further said that the booster shots would be administered at community health centers (puskesmas), government-owned and local government hospitals as well as vaccination service posts established by provincial or regency/city health offices. (PR of Ministry of Health/UN) (RI/LW)

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