Heavy Rain Expected by End of 2018: BMKG

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 28 Desember 2018
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H08_NC_Indonesia-28-Desember-2018-300x200Much of Indonesia is covered up with lower air temperature due to low air pressure centers around the Philippines and the South China Sea, according to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG)’s Deputy for Meteorology Mulyono Prabowo in a press release on Thursday (27/12).

“Meanwhile, the dominance of low air pressure around Australia is quite significant and causes wind slowdown and collide around the southern regions of Indonesia,” he said.

Mulyono further said that these conditions are expected to potentially increase rainfall in most regions of in the country between 28 to 31 December 2018.

According to the release, potential of heavy rains are expected to occur in:

– Bengkulu;
– South Sumatra;
– Bangka Belitung Islands;
– North Kalimantan;
– South Sulawesi;
– Central Java;
– Special Region of Yogyakarta;
– East Java;
– Bali;
– West Nusa Tenggara;
– East Nusa Tenggara;
– Southern Maluku;

Meanwhile, some regions are expected to experience strong winds. Those regions are:

– Lampung;
– Banten;
– Special Capital Region of Jakarta;
– West Java;
– Central Java;
– East Java;
– West Kalimantan;
– Central Kalimantan;
– South Kalimantan;
– East Nusa Tenggara;
– North Sulawesi;
– South Sulawesi;
– Southeast Sulawesi;
– North Maluku;
– Southern Maluku;
– West Papua;

Also, the release also stated that rough waves are likely to occur in:

– Southern Sunda Strait;
– South Java’s waters to Sumbawa Island;
– Bali Strait – Lombok Strait – Southern Alas Strait;
– South Indian Ocean near Banten;
– South Indian Ocean near Bali to West Nusa Tenggara;
– Anambas and Natuna Islands’ water;
– Java Sea;
– Northern waters of Kangean Islands;
– Sangihe – Talaud Islands’ water;
– Manado waters – Bitung;
– Central to eastern Sulawesi Sea;
– Maluku Sea;
– Northern waters of Halmahera Islands;
– North Pacific Ocean of Halmahera to West Papua;

Meanwhile, very rough waves are expected to occur in:

– South Indian Ocean near West Java to East Java;
– Northern waters Nias Islands;
– North Natuna Sea;

The BMKG, Mulyono continued, urged the public to remain vigilant about the potential for hydro-meteorological disasters such as floods, flash floods, landslides and strong winds in the next few days, especially for regions that have seen high intensity rain.

“To the people who live and work in coastal areas with the chance of rough waves, please remain alert,” Mulyono concluded. (Humas BMKG/EN)



Translated by: Galuh Wicaksono
Edited by: Muhammad Ersan Pamungkas

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