Home Affairs Minister Tells Regents/Mayors to Discharge Corrupt Civil Servants

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 14 September 2018
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Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo

Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo

Following a large number of state civil apparatus (ASN) who have been proven guilty of graft, Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo has called for dishonorable discharge of those state civil apparatus, as the court decision has reached a permanent legal force.

The order is based on the Minister’s Circular Number 180/6867/SJ on Law Enforcement towards State Civil Apparatus who Commits Criminal Acts of Corruption dated 10 September 2018, addressed to all regents/mayors throughout Indonesia.

The Minister went on to say that corruption is an extraordinary crime that must be eradicated in an extraordinary way and strict sanctions must be imposed on those who commit it, adding that the sentence could hopefully create a deterrent effect.

To that end, Tjahjo has ordered all regents/mayors throughout Indonesia to impose dishonorable discharge immediately for state civil apparatus who commits graft and has received a District Court decision that is legally binding in accordance with the provisions of the prevailing laws and regulations.

“With the issuance of this Circular, Circular Number 800/4329/SJ dated 29 October 2012 is revoked and declared invalid,” Tjahjo said.

A copy of the Circular is also forwarded to the President, Minister of the Empowerment of State Civil Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reforms, Head of the State Civil Service Agency (BKN), and Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission.

For the record, data from the BKN shows that to date there are 2,357 state civil apparatus who are involved in graft cases but are still in office.

“Out of the number, as many as 1,917 state civil apparatus work in regent/municipality governments, 342 work in provincial governments, and the remaining 98 work in ministries/institutions in the Central Government,” Deputy of BKN Supervision and Control, I Nyoman Arsa, said in a coordination meeting on State Civil Apparatus Discipline Enforcement, in Jakarta, Thursday (13/9).

Based on the BKN data, DKI Jakarta is the provincial government that employs the biggest number of civil servants with corruption convicts (52 people), followed by North Sumatra province and Lampung province with 33 and 26 people respectively. Moreover, for the regency/municipality Government, North Sumatra province is ranked first with 265 people, and Riau Province ranks second with 180 people.

Meanwhile, the smaller number of state civil apparatus with corruption convicts in the provincial government level is Yogyakarta Special Region province (0), West Sulawesi province (0), Southeast Sulawesi province (0), and Maluku province (0). The regency/city governments that employ the least state civil apparatus with graft convicts are Bangka Belitung province (0), Yogyakarta Special Region province (3), West Sulawesi province (3), and Southeast Sulawesi province (4). (*/ES) (MUR/EP/YM/Naster).

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