Home Affairs Ministry Annuls 3,143 Bylaws

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 25 Mei 2016
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Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo speaks to reporters

Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo who was instructed by President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo to scrap thousands of bylaws considered detrimental to the Country admits that he has already completed the target.

“Ministry of Home Affairs has met the target by annulling 3,143 bylaws,” Tjahjo said on Wednesday (25/5).

The Minister mentioned that the annulled bylaws consist of ministerial instructions and ministerial regulations of the Ministry of Home Affairs, as well as the regional regulations.

“There are four phases in the process to annul the bylaws. On the first phase in April, the Minister annulled as many as 1,126 bylaws; 777 bylaws on the second phase; 490 bylaws on the third phase; and 750 bylaws on the fourth phase,” the Minister explained.

The Ministry of Home Affairs will continue to carry on de-regulation process at the Ministry and regions though they already annulled thousands of problematic bylaws, Tjahjo said.

Currently, the Ministry continues to identify the bylaws, including bylaw on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that defines the amount of money to be paid by a company in several regions.

“Many companies asked us and we carefully respond to them because the matter is related to other ministries,” Tjahjo explained.

In the meantime, President Jokowi in his remarks at Muhammadiyah gathering in Yogyakarta on Monday (23/5) expressed that thousands of regulations contribute to the Country’s low ease of doing business ranking.

The 42,000 laws, Presidential Regulations, Government Regulations, Ministerial Regulations, and bylaws made Indonesia ranks behind Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, and Thailand, the President mentioned.

Therefore, the President has given a July deadline for Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo to scrap 3,000 bylaws considered detrimental to Indonesia’s competitiveness.

“Don’t evaluate the regulations. Last year I instructed the Home Affairs Ministry to evaluate them. In one month, they evaluated seven regulations,” the president said.

“If we have to evaluate 3,000 regulations, how long will it take?

“We don’t have to evaluate them again; we must eliminate them,” he said.

The President also instructed the Ministry to overview and scrap bylaws that will make the problem more complicated, long, and troublesome.

“If the laws are compiled and revised, the Government will not issue new laws but amend those laws, and this will accelerate our development,” President Jokowi said. (Puspen Kemendagri/ES)  (RAS/EP/YM/Naster)

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