Home Minister Urges District Heads to Continue Health Protocols Campaign, Boost Vaccination

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 4 April 2022
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Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian at the National Working Meeting of District Heads in Jakarta, Friday (04/01)

Minister of Home Affairs Muhammad Tito Karnavian Friday (04/01) ordered district heads all over Indonesia to continue health protocols campaign to communities even though the spread of COVID-19 is currently relatively low.

Ahead of Ramadan, the Minister reminded all district heads on the importance of observing health protocols, especially wearing face masks during activities with a lot of people including mass prayers in order to avoid COVID-19 transmission.

On that occasion, Tito prohibited all district heads to hold mass iftar during Ramadan and open house on the upcoming Idul Fitri.

He stressed on that the low number of COVID-19 cases does not mean that COVID-19 in Indonesia is over, adding that, COVID-19 cases and the spread of COVID-19 do still exist. Thus, he continued, the observance of health protocols, especially wearing face masks, must be strengthened.

“Low case does not mean no case,” Tito said.

Furthermore, Tito ordered all district heads to support the acceleration of COVID-19 vaccination drive, both premier doses and booster, for vulnerable groups including elderly group and people with comorbid in the regions by carrying out door-to-door vaccination.

Moreover, Tito also expressed his gratitude to all district heads for their contribution in supporting COVID-19 pandemic handling in Indonesia so that the pandemic situation currently is relatively under control. (PR of Ministry of Home Affairs/UN) (AP/LW)

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