In Commemoration of World Habitat Day, President SBY: I’ve Been Performing ‘Blusukan’ since 2004

By Humas
Date 6 Oktober 2014
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In Commemoration of World Habitat Day, President SBY: I’ve Been Performing ‘Blusukan’ since 2004

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) denounced many officials who care less about the environment. They show their care for the environment, only when they wish to win environmental awards, like the Adipura awards, by doing anything like painting clean their offices day and night, organizing community work events (locally known as kerja bakti), and mobilizing people to work together (gotong royong).

“When they aren’t competing for awards, they do their business as usual. As a matter of fact, they shouldn’t behave like that,” President SBY said in the event held to commemorate the World Habitat Day 2014 in the State Palace Jakarta on Friday morning (3/10).

President SBY related that having been the President for two consecutive terms, he has made visits to all Indonesia. Most of his visits were made to slum areas and rural areas. He called his visits “blusukan” (unannounced inspections) like the ones often performed by the president elect Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

“I’ve performed the “blusukan” in all parts of Indonesia. Even before Jokowi performed “blusukan”, I have been performing “blusukan” since 2004. I like to perform “blusukan” but certainly in slum areas,” President SBY explained.

What he has been performing so far, President SBY continued, is not only “blusukan” but also produces policies and programs he really needs, like programs to improve infrastructures in isolated and slum areas.

“The Government has launched many pro-people programs to combat poverty, including programs to increase people’s welfare and improve the environment. We have also launched the National Programs for People Empowerment (PNPM),” President SBY explained and then added that that’s the way the Government upgrades slum areas gradually, systematically, and sustainably into better and healthier ones.

Improve Habitats

As regards the World Habitat Day 2014, President SBY expected that the event in the State Palace can serve as the joint commitment and spirit to synergize efforts and steps to improve habitats in Indonesia.

“Everyone certainly wants physical and spiritual well-being and better life. They also want to own decent homes in healthy surroundings where they can get easy access to good health care and other public amenities. In conclusion, every person and every people want to live well in good surroundings,” President SBY stated.

According to President SBY, statistics shows that living conditions in Indonesia, its people’s welfare, and its environment are still not good enough. One out of five Indonesian citizens doesn’t yet live well in good surroundings.

“We keep developing and the figure from 2013 has changed. Presently, only one out of eight Indonesian citizens doesn’t yet live well in good surroundings,” President SBY explained.

President SBY expected everyone to have the same spirit to decrease the figure, meaning that there must be more and more families who can afford decent living in better surroundings.

The celebration of the World Habitat Day was attended by Coordinating Minister of People’s Welfare Agung Laksono, Minister of Public Works Djoko Kirmanto, Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam, Minister of Education and Culture Muhammad Nuh, Minister of Foreign Affairs Marty Natalegawa, and Minister of the Environment Balthasar Kambuaya. (OCT/ES)

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