In Order Not Lost Compete, Vice President Asks Batik Employers Should Creative

By Humas     Date 25 Juni 2015
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Vice President Jusuf Kalla hit “kentongan” as a mark of the opening the Holds of Batik Nusantara, at JCC Jakarta, Wednesday (24/6)

Vice President (VP) Jusuf Kalla reminded, batik has become clothes in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Not only the shirts, now, batik has been included in the various accessories used by young people. Therefore, the Vice President asked batik entrepreneurs prepare to address challenges in the developing batik in the future.

While giving a speech at the opening of the Holds of National Batik in 2015, at Plenarry Hall, Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan (JCC), Jakarta, Wednesday (24/6), the Vice President said that the first challenge faced by entrepreneurs is to increase productivity.

“In 2010 the production of batik has reached Rp 4 trillion, now it may reach Rp 5-6 trillion, because each person has a minimum of one score batik with prices ranging from Rp 25 thousand – Rp 25 million. Our challenge, of course productivity must be huge,” the Vice President said.

On the other hand, along with the times, batik that once only be known as rags, has been used as an accessory among young people. Therefore, batik entrepreneurs must be creative to develop a variety of motives, because young people tend not to want to use the classic motif.

“So be creative, if not creative we can lose to China later, because China sometimes could be mass produced,” JK said.

Nelson Mandela

On that occasion, Vice President Jusuf Kalla also reminded that batik was no longer just a traditional dress, but has been innovating to international level because it has been well known in foreign countries.

The Vice President pointed to the example of former South African President Nelson Mandela who often wears batik when attending international events. “Nelson Mandela was the first to dress batik at the UN international forum. Since that time batik known internationally,” he said.

Another encouraging thing, the Vice President said, is due to the United Nations Educational, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) also has been established that batik as cultural heritage.

Holds of Batik Nusantara in 2015 followed by more than 350 artisans, entrepreneurs, and the best collectors of Batik Nusantara.

Attending the opening, Mrs. Mufidah Jusuf Kalla, Ani Yudhoyono, and the Minister of Industry Saleh Husin. (HH/DNS/ES

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