Incident in Tolikara, Special Staff of President: This is an Incident, Never Again Call Religious Conflict

By Humas     Date 22 Juli 2015
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Special Staff of President, Lenis Kagoya

Special Staff of President, Lenis Kogoya confirmed that, the incidence or violence at the time Muslims are conducting Eid prayers in at Karubaga, Tolikara, Papua, on Friday (17/7) morning was a catastrophe, so it is good there are no more parties who called the incidence  as a religious conflict.

“I call on all parties, in order that this issue should be submitted to the authorities. Never again, mention the issue of religion, which later cannot be completed,” Lenis said while in Jayapura, Papua, on Tuesday (21/7) morning.

Based on the results of his visit to Tolikara, Monday (20/7) morning to evening, according to Lenis, he meets all sorts of things related issues that received various responses.

“When I was in Karubaga, and I met with stakeholders there. There are many things that I will report to President Jokowi related issues,” Lenis said.

According to the Special Staff of the President, the incident in Karubaga, Tolikara Regency has received tremendous attention from the administration of President Jokowi, with the sole purpose of immediately resolve the issue with the handling quickly and correctly.

“Let us give time to the relevant parties to resolve the issue. I also call on all parties to maintain the religious harmony that has been created either during the time,” Lenis said.

Previously, Lenis Kogoya revealed that President Joko Widodo deplored and apologized for the incident that occurred in Tolikara, Papua on Friday (17/7).

“On behalf of the President, I apologize for this incident”, Lenis said in a press conference at the Office of the Special Staff of the President, the State Secretariat building in Jakarta, Saturday (18/7).

As we know, the incident that occurred during the implementation of Eid prayers in Tolikara, began when the priest of Eid prayers uttered first Takbir, suddenly a number of people from several corners of the courtyard of the Mosque pelted the worshipers who Eid prayer, while shouting disband.

The security forces of the Mobile Brigade and Battalion 756 who do security when the Eid of Fitr then firing warning shots to disperse the masses that do the throwing. Muslims who Eid pray later decided to dissolve themselves. (*/ANT/ES)

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