Independence Month to Commemorate 78th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence Day Begins on 1 August

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 31 Juli 2023
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Press Conference of the 2023 Independence Month, in Jakarta, Monday (31/07)

On Press Conference of the 2023 Independence Month in Jakarta, Monday (31/07), Secretary of the Ministry of State Secretariat Setya Utama said that ahead of the commemoration of the 78th Anniversary of Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, the Government will hold a series of events in August 2023 with the theme “Moving Forward, Advancing Indonesia”. The series of events will be held not only in the Presidential Palaces but also in other places.

“The theme reflects the spirit of Indonesian people to continue the collaborated development struggle by capitalizing the momentum to create an advanced Indonesia. Alhamdulillah, praise to God, we have passed the pandemic. Now we are free to commemorate this independence month more vibrant”, he explained.

The series of events will begin with national remembrance and prayer before the front yard of Merdeka Palace. The agenda will be as follows:

  • 14 August 2023, Honor Award Ceremony
  • 15 August 2023, Inauguration Ceremony of the National Flag-Hoisting Troops (Paskibraka)
  • 16 August 2023, annual state occasion of State Address and Address on the Bill of 2024 State Budget before the People’s Assembly/House of Representatives/Regional Representatives Council
  • 17 August 2023, on predawn there will be Call of Honor and Sacred Reflection at the Kalibata Heroes Cemetery followed by the main agenda of Commemoration Ceremony of the Seconds of the Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia in the morning and the Lowering of the Red and White Flag Ceremony in the afternoon.

“The Ceremony of the Seconds of the Proclamation and the Lowering of the Flag Ceremony will be held at Merdeka Palace entirely in-person,” Setya said.

Setya added that public had an opportunity to join the ceremony on physical attendance. “It is expected that public are able to join the ceremony in-person and are encouraged to register through application system of Pandang Istana.

Regarding side events, Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Angela Tanoesoedibjo said there will be three side events which is designed to awaken the national spirit and pride in Indonesian traditions and culture. The first event will be the performance to break the world record or Guinness World of records (GWR) for 2023 Angklung to be held on 5 August, involving 15 thousand angklung (Sundanese musical instrument) players guided by Saung Angklung Udjo to play the national song ‘Berkibarlah Benderaku” and international song “Wind of Change”.

“This event is initiated by Organization of Solidarity Action in the Era of Onward Indonesia Kabinet (OASE KIM) aiming at increasing public’s love for Indonesian culture represented by the biggest angklung performance”, Angela said.

The second event will be kebaya (female traditional costume) fashion show with the theme “Istana Berkebaya” (Wearing Kebaya at the Palace) on 6 August, initiated by the DKI Jakarta Province Government and aiming at upholding nationalism through the culture of wearing kebaya. Approximately 401 participants will perform kebaya show on the 200 meters catwalk outside before Merdeka palace.

“Indonesian female inspirational prominent persons will wear kebaya and it is expected that public can participate at this event,” Angela said.

The third event will be Gemilang Silang Monas on 17 August at the National Monument which will present video mapping.

“Of course, there will be dance and music performance, bazaar, and firework display. We expect that public can enliven the Commemoration of 78th Anniversary of the Indonesian Independence Day at the National Monument,” Angela emphasized. (DND/UN) (GA/MUR)

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