Indonesia and Guinea to Establish Cooperation of Agricultural Capacity Development

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 3 Agustus 2016
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Bilateral meeting between Presiden Joko Widodo and President of Guinea Alpha Condé, at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, on Wednesday (3/8) afternoon

President Joko Widodo’s meeting with President of Guinea Alpha Condé, at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, on Wednesday (3/8) afternoon, discussed a number of bilateral issues and the potential to establish cooperation in several sectors, such as economy, investment, and human resources development.

“President of Guinea and President Joko Widodo have agreed to start capacity development cooperation in three sectors, such as in agriculture sector, energy sector, and aviation sector,” Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno L. P. Marsudi said to the journalists.

Quoted Condé, the Minister explained that Guinea really needs capacity development in agriculture sector because there are around six million hectares of farmland that can be used but so far nothing has been done.

“The President has given his directives to prioritize agricultural capacity development and it will soon befollowed up,” the Minister said.

Investment in Agriculture and Mining Sectors

Besides capacity development, President Alpha Condé also asked Indonesian investors to invest in Guinea, particularly in two sectors, such as agriculture and mining because Guinea has abundant natural resources, for example, bauxite, gold, etc.

“The President of Guinea also asked Indonesian investors to invest in these two sectors,” the Minister said.

The bilateral meeting also discussed the efforts to enhance economic development. Minister Retno explained that while in Indonesia, President of Guinea  would also visit a number of companies, such as monosodium glutamate companies, soy sauce companies, banks, and several strategic defence industries.

“President Joko Widodo encourages all to increase export and import trades from Indonesia to Guinea, vice versa,” Retno said.

On that meeting, both countries also signed two agreements, i.e. the cooperation of Establishment of Joint Commission Session and cooperation of both countries’ Chamber of Commerce.

“By establishing a Joint Commission Session, it means there would be one forum where both countries can regularly meet to discuss the efforts to increase bilateral cooperation,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs said while mentioning the first forum is scheduled to be held next year in Guinea. (UN/OJI/ES)(MMB/YM/Naster)

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