Indonesian Artists Hope Art Performances Can Still Go On Amid Pandemic

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 11 Februari 2022
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President Joko Widodo receives a courtesy call from artists and cultural communities at State Palace, Jakarta, Thursday (02/10). (Photo: BPMI/Lukas)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo Thursday (02/10) at the State Palace received a courtesy call from Indonesian artists and cultural observers.

On the occasion, the artists expressed hope to the President regarding cultural arts performances in the country during pandemic.

Artist Butet Kartaredjasa said that the President had allowed the cultural arts performances with 50 percent of the capacity of the building with the possibility of the capacity being increased if the pandemic situation starts to improve.

“Performances held indoor can be attended with up to 50 percent of the building’s capacity. Starting March, the figure may increase to 70 or 80 percent so that more people can enjoy performing arts in the building,” said Butet in his statement after the meeting.

Butet also said the President had also encouraged cultural arts activities to continue while complying with health protocols.

“It must continue even though each region has its own regulation as long as it is held according to health protocols regulated by the Government,” he said.

Butet went on to say that the President had ordered his staff to encourage state-owned and private companies as well as industries to support art and cultural performances in terms of financing.

“The President also encourages SOEs, private companies, as well as industries to provide financial support for cultural arts activities because cultural arts activities are the root of the development of human capital in this country,” Butet continued.

Meanwhile, Renitasari Adrian who was present on behalf of the private sector said that the President suggested that the art performances be immediately carried out in tourism destinations, while expressing hope that Indonesian performing arts can be a winner in their own country.

“It is hoped that in June we will get to hold performances in places that become priority tourist locations in Indonesia, namely Labuan Bajo and Lake Toba,” she said.

Echoing a similar sentiment, artist Ratna Riantiarno expressed hope that cultural arts performances can be immediately carried out, adding that the pandemic should not hamper artists to make art work.

“We are now ready to perform with all conditions because we believe that the we can tackle this pandemic by following health protocols, while still working on our performances,” she said. (BPMI/UN) (EST/EP)

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