Indonesian MoFA Releases Updated Information on Coronavirus

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 7 Februari 2020
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Infographic of the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore continues to assist one Indonesian citizen who tested positive for coronavirus.

“The Indonesian citizen who tested positive for the coronavirus is currently in stable condition in the isolation room at the Singapore General Hospital,” the official website released the information on Thursday (6/2).

As of 5 February 2020, according to the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, 28 cases of corona virus have been confirmed by Ministry of Health of Singapore with one patient having been declared recovered and has been allowed to go home.

The Indonesian Embassy has called on all Indonesian citizens living in Singapore to always maintain personal hygiene and to be wise in responding to news related to the coronavirus.

“For information and treatment of the coronavirus in Singapore, you can refer to information from the Ministry of Health of Singapore,” the information reads.

In the meantime, Ardian B. Nugroho, Spokesperson for Indonesian Consulate General in Los Angeles said that one American citizen of Chinese descent who lives in Orange County, Southern California, was tested positive for coronavirus.

“From the information available, one American citizen of Chinese descent is positively indicated by Coronavirus in Orange County, Southern California and we continue to monitor further developments,” he explained.

Ardian went on to say that there are approximately 400 Indonesian citizens living in the Orange County region. “We have communicated with Indonesian community leaders and as of today, there is no Indonesian citizen has been tested positive,” Ardian said, adding that there is also another case of coronavirus in the State of Arizona and so far there were no Indonesian citizens infected.

Indonesian diplomatic mission in the United States will continue to disseminate information on coronavirus via social media. For Los Angeles area, the Consulate General in Los Angeles also provides a 24-hour hotline at +1 (213) 590 8095.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Consulate General in Osaka said that the Japanese Government has determined the coronavirus (Novel Coronavirus/2019-nCoV) as “certain infectious diseases” and currently there were 20 people in Japan infected with the virus but there is no Indonesian citizen infected.

The Consulate General has called on Indonesian citizens who live in Japan, or those who will visit Japan, to always maintain safety and health. “For those who are in crowded places/public areas, please take all necessary measures to prevent infectious diseases by maintaining personal hygiene and sanitation,” the information reads.

Emergency contact:

Hotline of Indonesian Consulate General in Osaka 080-3113-1003 (telephone /WA/Line)

Hotline of Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo 080-9644-7018 and 080-4940-7419 or email:
(Directorate Information and Media of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/EN)

Translated by: Ridwan Ibadurrohman
Reviewed by: Mia Medyana

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