Integrate the E-Government, the Government of Indonesia Cooperation with Singapore

By Humas     Date 27 Januari 2015
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Minister of PAN-RB Yuddy Chrisnandi receive a souvenir from the CEO Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) Kong Wy Mun in visiting to Singapore (26/1).

The Indonesian government was exploring cooperation in the development and implementation of e-government with Singapore. Minister of Administrative Reforms and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB), Yuddy Chrisnandi asserted that the implementation of e-government in order to reform the public service bureaucracy in Indonesia.

“In addition cooperation with South Korea, we want to explore Singapore, which is also be categorized as the best in e-government,” said Minister of PANRB, Yuddy Chrisnandi during a visit to Singapore on Tuesday (26/1).

Singapore is the third best country in developing e-government after South Korea and Australia. Since the 1980s, Singapore has implemented e-government with the application program of Alice for Cooperate (ACE), which helps the efficiency of time and cost of governance.

According Yuddy, e-government has made the people of Singapore easy to access directly the Government bureaucracy, including providing input to government policy.

“E-government is also utilized by the Government of Singapore to deliver the dissemination of real-time information to citizens, businesses, and government officials,” said Yuddy who was accompanied by Deputy of Institutional and Governance, Rini Widiyanti.

Based on the UN E-government Survey 2014 ranked Indonesia E-government to occupy positions 105, under the Philippines (95), Vietnam (99), and Thailand (102). Indonesia has implemented e-government but separately. He expects input from Singapore in integrating e-government, which must be done by the government and should not be done by the private sector.   (Humas Kemen PANRB/ES)

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