Introductory Remarks of President Joko Widodo at Limited Cabinet Meeting on the Follow-up Discussion of Economic Potential Development in Natuna Islands, Wednesday, 29 June 2016, at Presidential Office, Jakarta

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 29 Juni 2016
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Unofficial English Translation

Assalamu’alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakaatuh,

From my working visit to Natuna few days ago, there are several things that I have already said in the limited cabinet meeting held aboard KRI Imam Bonjol ship. We want to focus on some issues there. First,it is related to fishery industry. Second, it is related to oil and natural gas industry. Third, it is related to defense. We will discuss these three issues in a more detailed manner this afternoon.

Related to the development of fishery industry, I receive a report that the production of marine and fishery sector in Natuna is only 8.9% of our potential. Therefore, we need to boost it, accelerate it, so it will bring benefit to us.

Furthermore, related to oil and natural gas in Natuna, there are currently 16 oil and natural gas blocks in Natuna, 5 of which are recently entering into the production stage, while 7 blocks are still in the exploration stage, and 4 blocks are still in the termination process. Therefore, we need to boost it in order to expedite the production process.

Moreover, in defense sector, in order to preserve our natural resources, to establish our sovereignty, at the last limited cabinet meeting, I have already asked Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI), especially the Navy (TNI-AL) andMaritime Security Board (Bakamla), to increase the amount of patrols required and the guard in the Natuna Islands which is in the foremost island of Indonesia’s maritime territory. Additionally, there are some infrastructures in Natuna that should be built and repaired. I think it has to be started immediately.

Now, I invite Coordinating Minister, TNI Commander, or Minister to take the floor.

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