Introductory Remarks of President of The Republic of Indonesia at the Limited Cabinet Meeting on the Acceleration of the Implementation of Light Rail Transit Project in Jabodetabek and Palembang prior to the 18th ASEAN Games, and Land Acquisition Budget for Toll Road Projects, at the Presidential Office, Jakarta on 29 March 2016

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 29 Maret 2016
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Unofficial English Translation

Assalamu’alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakaatuh,

Good afternoon, may prosperity be upon us all.

This is the 5th meeting held to discuss Light Rail Transit (LRT), and I hope there will be no more meetings afterward. All preparations should be made this afternoon because we want to accelerate the implementation of LRT project, be it in Jakarta, Jabodetabek (the Greater Jakarta), Palembang, as well as the Greater Bandung, so we can complete all the projects.

The construction of LRT for the Greater Jakarta has already begun, but it has not yet begun in Jakarta. I would like to hear the report from the Governor after this. In Palembang, it has also started. Meanwhile, the construction of Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway project has also started. We hope the public transportation system will be highly integrated between Mass Rapid Transport (MRT), LRT, Transjakarta, and the Commuter Line. Thus, passengers could reach the airport by using the Commuter Line, and they can also take high-speed railway connected to LRT in Greater Bandung.

Based on the calculation and data I have received, I think we may be aware that the annual losses caused by traffic congestion reaches Rp 28 trillion in Jakarta and Rp 7 trillion on the route from Bandung to Jakarta.  We need to resolve this. Thus, based on macro calculation, there is a lost of approximately Rp 35 trillion every year. Therefore, it is necessary to improve public transportation because we do not want to suffer financial losses due to traffic congestion anymore.

I also want all public transportation to be integrated with the airport. I see that Palembang has done this. Meanwhile, here in Jakarta, I wonder whether LRT or high-speed train that will have access to the airport because the commuter line has been set to have access to the airport. However, we must carefully calculate it, so the people will have alternatives to use the mode of transportation they prefer.

The construction must be accelerated prior to the 18th Asian Games in 2018. Therefore, all aspects related to LRT will hopefully be solved immediately, be it the track, technical specification of the train, financing, and energy sources, as well as matters related to permits for spatial planning, spaces, and intersection with flyover or other LRT and MRT tracks. We hope it will be integrated and I have learnt that it all has been arranged in Ministry of Trasportation. Thus, we want to improve the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, and make the most of existing investments.

That is my introductory remarks related to LRT. I invite the Coordinating Minister to take the floor. (Humas Setkab) (RAS/AW/YM)

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