Introductory Remarks of the President of the Republic of Indonesia at the Limited Meeting on Industrial Gas Price at the Presidential Office, Jakarta on 24 January 2017

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 24 Januari 2017
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Unofficial English Translation

Today, I want to reaffirm my directive at the Limited Meeting on 4 October 2016 that stated that natural gas is not only a commodity, but also a development asset that can strengthen our national industry and boost the competitiveness of Indonesia’s industrial products in the global market.

Therefore, I want the price of gas to be precisely calculated in order to bring concrete impacts, not only to increase the competitiveness of Indonesia’s products but also to bring added value to the development of downstream industries.

I also ask Minister of Industry as well as Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources to give report of the implementation of Presidential Regulation Number 40 of 2016 on the Natural Gas Pricing, whether they face problems in the implementation on the ground or not, particularly in 7 (seven) industrial sectors which receive price reduction in the price of gas.

Moreover, I have received information that the price of gas has been reduced in 3 (three) industrial sectors, which are fertilizer, steel, and petrochemical industries. Meanwhile, 4 (four) other industries which have not been accomodated yet are oleochemical, glass, ceramics, and rubber gloves.

I invite Minister of Industry or Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources to take the floor. (PR Cabinet Secretariat) (RAS/AW/YM/Naster)

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