Irman Gusman Has Re-Elected As Chairman of DPD-RI

By Humas     Date 3 Oktober 2014
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Irman Gusman Has Re-Elected As Chairman of DPD-RI

Member of Regional Council at The House (DPD-RI) from West Sumatera, Irman Gusman, has re-elected as chairman of DPD-RI for 2014 – 2019. Irman won over Farouk Muhammad in final round of the election, during plenary session DPD-RI at Senayan, Jakarta, on Thursday (2/10) evening. The election was led by Aidil Fitri Syah, and Irman Gusman got 66 votes, while his competitor got 53 votes.

Before final round, there were 8 candidates for the position, Chairman of DPD-RI. Irman Gusman and Intsiawati Ayus who represent west part of Indonesia, GKR Hemas and Oesman Sapta Odang represent central part of Indonesia, while from east part of Indonesia represented by Nono Sampono, Bahar Ngitung, Farouk Muhammad and Gede Pasek Suardika.

In first round, Irman Gusman got 90 votes while Intsiawati Ayus got 22, GKR Hemas and Oesman Sapta Odang got 61 votes each, Farouk Muhammad got 49 votes, Bahar Ngitung got 19 votes, Nono Sampono got 47 votes, and Gede Pasek Suardika got 6 votes.

Due to same number of votes achieved by GKR Hemas and Oesman Sapta Odang, with 61 votes respectively, re-election is held which results GKR Hemas won with 64 votes over Oesman Sapta Odang.

Next, election process is continued to select candidates from each part of Indonesia (west, central and east), Irman Gusman who represents west part, GKR Hemas from central, and Farouk Muhammad from east. The election results 54 votes for Irman Gusman, 38 votes for GKR Hemas, and 32 votes for Farouk Muhammad.

The head of plenary session, Aidil Fitri Syah explains the need to have re-election for two top candidates, because no one has votes more than 50 percent. The Final round results votes for Irman Gusman and 53 for Farouk Muhammad. Therefore, Irman Gusman has re-elected as chairman of DPD-RI for 2014 – 2019 (*/ES)(Ifp)

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