Islam in Indonesia must Become Barometer of Progress, President Says

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 1 April 2016
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President Jokowi receives the Chairman of Muhammadiyah at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, on Friday (1/4) afternoon

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo received Muhammadiyah General Chairman and Central Executive Board at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, on Friday (1/4) afternoon. Muhammadiyah General Chairman Dr. H. Haedar Nashir M.Si said that the meeting was held to mantain ties of friendship (silaturahmi) and to send an invitation to the President.

“We invited President Jokowi to open and give remarks in our event, titled “National Convention for a Progressive Islam” to be held at the same time with the momentum of National Awakening Day on 20 May,” Haedar said on Friday (1/4) afternoon.

The event will be held for two days, on 20-21 May 2016 in Yogyakarta. The convention is a national movement to gather all strategic elite officials, including politicians as well as regional heads who have track record and breakthrough that lead to an improvement, and inspire the country to be more dynamic. The event will also invite civil society and national figures, as well as informal figures from remote areas who have influences and experiences as the inspirators of a change.

“Or we called it ordinary people who have extraordinary works, thought, and actions,” Haedar explained.

Meanwhile, the meeting also discussed several points relating people’s economy, education, and the act of terrorism and radicalism. Haedar said that Muhammadiyah wants to call on every national component to face future Indonesia with optimism, positivity, as well as realizing our huge potentials and reduce pessimism.

Haedar also delivered his thought on the national’s huge potentials to become a productive, developed, and advanced country, together with the rest of ASEAN countries. According to Haedar, it is in line with the spirit of Nawacita (nine programs) of the administration of President Jokowi.

“The momentum of National Awakening Day will become Indonesia’s new turning point in creating an optimistic and productive-oriented generation,” Haedar explained.

In education, Haedar told the President that Muhammadiyah has public and private educational institutions. According to Haedar, education is a strategic pillar to develop the country. Therefore, it needs a breakthrough in education sector in order to improve the competence.

“Moreover, in this era of openness, we need to take Asean Economic Community (MEA) seriously. Education will develop national productivity and competence, and we have a great potential to be a developed country,” Haedar told the reporters.

Muhammadiyah also has higher education infrastructures including 172 universities and hospitals which located in various locations, as well as Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (UMKM)-based economic institutions.

On the economy, Haedar said that Indonesia can not be an independent nation without economic independence. It needs people’s economic mobilization in order to promote people’s economy and manifest an independent nation.

In the event, President Jokowi also said that this is the time for this country to put work more rather than just talking.

By working, our country will be an optimist, productive, and potential-aware country. “Thus, it is the key to support us to always work and make us a great nation,” Haedar added.

According to Haedar, it has been reflected by the President at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Summit last month. However, the President said that the perception must be changed so that the nation always thinks possitively and acts productively. Haedar added that the President also appreciated some measures taken by the Government to develop the UMKM under the condition that the Govenment’s policy to develop several insfrastructures is an endeavor to mobilize our economic potentials. “Thus, this nation can be economically independent and becomes part of Trisakti,” Haedar quoted the President’s statement.

Furthermore, relating the act of terrorism and radicalism which occurs lately, Muhammadiyah considered it as a virus which will slow down national development. Haedar said that Muhammadiyah has same views and vision with the Government. According to Haedar, terrorism, radicalism, and other destructive acts must be addressed with  preventive measures.

“Addressing terrorism and radicalism acts can not be done with generalizing. We need to block the area,” Haedar added.

Haedar hopes through preventive measures, Indonesia is no longer known as a terrorist country. Haedar considered the importance to address terrorism carefully, both in the legal aspect and in dealing with the issues.

Haedar added that the President also mentioned about terrorism and radicalism. According to Haedar, President Jokowi has the same view with Muhammadiyah, that thinks that Islam in Indonesia is Islam that could be a barometer of progress, moderate Islam, and tolerant Islam, as well as Islam that also brings progress and greatness.

“Indonesia is huge, and the President truly felt the appreciation from the countries in the Middle East,” Haedar concluded.

In the event, President Jokowi was accompanied by Presidential Chief of Staffs Teten Masduki and Minister of State Secretary Pratikno. Meanwhile from Muhammadiyah, beside Muhammadiyah General Chairman, there were Dr. Abdul Mukti, Prof. Dr. Muhajir Effendi, Prof. Dr. Suyatno, and Prof. Dr. Bambang Setiaji. (FID/EN)(RAS/MMB/YM/Naster)

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