Jakarta and Ministry of Transportation Have Highest Number of Graft-Convicts: BKN

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 13 September 2018
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korupsiDeputy for Supervision and Control of the National Civil Servant Agency (BKN) I Nyoman Arsa said that 2,357 civil servants convicted of graft have inkracht (a court decision that is legally binding and final) status, 1,917 of them are civil servants in regency/municipality governments, 342 in the provincial governments, and 98 in central government.

Based on the BKN’s data, Special Capital Region of Jakarta (DKI Jakarta) has the highest number of civil servants convicted of graft in provincial level with 52 civil servants, followed by North Sumatra with 33 civil servants and Lampung with 26 civil servants.

In regency/municipality governments, North Sumatra has 265 graft-convicted civil servants, followed by Riau with 180 civil servants.

The provinces that have the lowest number of civil servants convicted of graft are Special Region of Yogyakarta (0), West Sulawesi (0), Southeast Sulawesi (0), and Maluku (0), while the regency/municipality governments that have the lowest number of civil servants convicted of graft are Bangka Belitung (0) Special Region of Yogyakarta (3), West Sulawesi (3), and Southeast Sulawesi (4).

The central government agencies that have the highest number of graft-convicted civil servants are Ministry of Transportation (16) followed by Ministry of Religious Affairs (14), Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (9), and Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (9).

Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency have 8 civil servants convicted of graft, followed by Ministry of Finance (6), Ministry of Law and Human Rights (5), Supreme Court (5), Ministry of Communication and Informatics (4), Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (3), Ministry of Defense (3), Secretariat General of the General Elections Commission (3), Ministry of Education and Culture (2).

The following government ministries/agencies have one civil servant convicted of graft: Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Villages, Underdeveloped Regions, and Transmigration, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Youth and Sports, the National Anti-Narcotics Agency (BNN), the Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP), and the Central Statistics Agency (BPS).

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